Gillette Toxify Their Brand

The mass media have always been used to exert influence, just think back to the WW2 propaganda films; In Which We Serve, Casablanca, One of Our Aircraft is Missing, We Dive at Dawn and very many more.

Today we have something similar, though now it is called Social Conditioning, the mass manipulation of the population towards a set of political ideas. These ideas usually being “progressive”, Cultural Marxist globalism. Good examples are Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which got a Rotten Tomatoes score of 45% and a Metacritic of 4.5/10, and the latest Dr Who series on the BBC, which has seen audiences drop significantly. Some people know when they are being brainwashed. The BBC will happily play a black person in a white role to avoid ethnic stereotyping, but would they have a white actor play Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King?

This infection has spread to advertising. Just about every TV advert now contains a non native ethnic, many contain obvious deviant sexuality and many contain disability. When an advert has all three shout BINGO. But that isn’t all, there is a trend for “good” characters to be played mainly by coloured people and mainly by females. And “bad” characters are always white males. This really is the very worst kind of identity politics. Building false stereotypes. Bigotry really.

And now Gillette have jumped the shark with a propaganda advert that is so blatant that it could almost be parody. The public, who hate it when they discover they are being tricked, have responded negatively on a massive scale. This has really toxified the Gillette and Procter & Gamble brands. Many people are threatening to boycott their products.

On YouTube the video is up to nearly a million dislikes (with huge numbers of negative comments). Watch it and you can see that Goebbels would have been disappointed with their clumsy amateurism:


  1. What do yoean by sexual deviancy and why is including people with disabilities such an issue for you?


    1. Genders. There are two.

      The disabled people are used gratuitously in the adverts as a form of virtue gesturing. “Look how woke we are. Buy our products”.
      It is cynical and manipulative.


      1. “Look how woke we are. Buy our products”…or, as Philip DeFranco calls it: wokenomics 😉


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