Clean Brexit is the Best Brexit

Our referendum to leave the EU was on 23 June 2016. The politicians told us that Article 50 would be declared immediately if leave won and that leave mean leave. That we would exit all the institutions of the EU, including the abominable Single Market and the catastrophic Customs Union, which have cause so much harm to the British economy.

Then we were given a second vote. On 8 June 2017 there was a General Election. And leave won again. Below you will see the key points of the Conservative Manifesto. Which it would be traitorous of them not to honour.

But by July 2018 the Common Purpose drone civil servants had got to Theresa May and she had massively diluted what she was offering us, which caused many principled members of her government, including Boris Johnson and David Davies, to resign. In fact it wasn’t really Brexit at all. As you can see:

This is really a surrender document. It looks like Theresa May deliberately went for the worst deal possible. So it would be rejected by all sides of the debate. As a tactic towards keeping us in the EU. Here is a better explanation:

But for a number of bad loser, globalist useful idiots this isn’t enough. They want to keep us even more completely in the EU. And they are utterly stark raving mad. They seek not just to usurp our decision, they seek to destroy the very fabric of democracy in Great Britain. They are saying that what Common Purpose, the Cultural Marxists, the globalists want is more important than what the British people have voted for. Twice. We, as a nation, are now on very dangerous ground. Are we citizens now just slaves to an oligarchy, or do we still have our rights and freedoms?

Here are some very good reasons why Parliament and the Government must deliver what the people of Great Britain were promised and what we have already voted twice for:

I have already written about the six worst traitors in the Conservative Party (here). But the House of Commons is infested with MPs who hate democracy and who therefore despise the British people. These MPs must be removed from office by the electorate at the first possible opportunity.


  1. I think what ever happens the people will not vote for any of the traitors that are trying to keep us in this shit hole of a club the Eu undemercratic force


  2. Yesterday the Mail claimed that Donald Tusk said “David Cameron never wanted to hold the ‘stupid’ Brexit referendum”. This was probably true, bearing in mind how the establishment reacted with horror to the “Yes” vote. But the arrogant bastard then showed how completely out of touch he is by claiming that “There was no appetite for revolution in Europe”. He was wrong…


  3. Dropped on your site quite by chance Mr Everris. Will now become an avid reader. Consider yourself “followed” 😉


    1. Pardon me. I spelt your name incorrectly. Profuse apologies Mr Everiss.


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