How Much Money Does the BBC Get From the EU?

In the UK the BBC are the main promulgators of fake news Project Fear lies, as they try to reverse the democratic decision of the British people.

They use all their content to do this: news, current affairs, documentaries, “humour”, soap operas, game shows, drama etc etc. It is ubiquitous in their output.

It is not just outright lies, it is their selection of commentators and experts, omission, bias, innuendo, selective reporting, choice of language and general attitude as they work hard to brainwash the nation.

We know that the main reason they do this is that several hundred senior BBC managers are Common Purpose victims. They see the EU as an essential step on the road to an undemocratic, nationless, oligarchic, one world government.

But there is something more. Money. It appears that the BBC get rather a lot of this from the EU. In 2008 there was an Early Day Motion (EDM #791) in the House of Commons. It has six sponsoring MPs and six supporting MPs. And here is what it said: ” That this House notes that soft loans and payments amounting to 258 million euros over the last five years were paid by the EU to the BBC; believes that such payments compromise the independence and objectivity of the BBC on EU issues “.

So that is 258 million in just 5 years. There have been 10 years since this EDM. How much more EU money is the BBC gravy train wallowing in now?

The EDM goes on to say: “… further notes that there are, in addition, undisclosed sums in respect of joint projects”, so it is even more than 258 million! And, of course, it states the obvious: “… believes that these substantial benefits may offend against the BBC’s Royal Charter, which demands independence, and also its editorial guidelines which state that the BBC should not “accept funds from any organisation whose interests or actions could raise doubts about the objectivity of programming””.

Now it is the nature of an EDM that it usually just draws attention to a matter and puts it on public record. So this went no further. And of course the BBC didn’t report it! But now you have further proof of why the BBC is the enemy of the British people.


  1. So how do you account for the fact that Farage has had a large and skewed amount of coverage?


    1. Farage coverage is negative. They always seek to ridicule and denigrate him.


      1. How, exactly? He’s been allowed largely unchallenged to set forward his views.He ridicules and denigrates himself every time he opens his mouth.


        1. The BBC has covered up so many things over yes just look at Jimmy Savile etc. etc.

          I am sick and tired of watching the BBC being so one side many feel the same it’s always one side and that’s a fact.
          If you took the time to watch the EU parliament which I have spent for a long time and you were not one side like you are.
          We would have had what the people voted for to leave.
          So please don’t try to defend a corrupt bunch that doesn’t speak for the people of this country.
          Like many of them get money from the EU and that’s a fact that you can’t deny.


  2. Interested to see the sources for the original 258m? I can find plenty of information for funding totaling 2.59m that was used to fund educational projects such as IT skills in schools and online revision tools for exams. This was the only money that went directly to the BBC. There is funding that goes to independent production companies who then produce programmes for the BBC, but none of this is allowed to touch the news and current affairs arm of the BBC. There is some funding for something that sounds a little like it relates to news, but it is actually a charity run by the BBC to assist developing countries in building their own independent news outlets.

    It appears that you yourself are a source of ‘fake news’. You have taken some information, hidden the truth, and then used this skewed and obfuscated information to generate a scare-mongering story. Apply the facts again and this story is so benign as to be irrelevant.


    1. 11 MPs would not simultaneously lie to the House of Commons. So the facts in the EDM are the facts.

      And how can my article be Fake News when it is 100% factual, with evidence?


      1. Are you saying that MPs always tell the truth? Or is it only the ones that back up your opinion that tell the truth and all the others that lie? This is a moot point anyway – if you actually read my reply, you will see that I am not denying the sum total of funding that reached the BBC (though I am still interested to see where it came from as it appears to omit some rather important and readily available information on the very topic it raises). You will also see that the direct funding to the BBC is a fraction of that total, and is very carefully segregated from anything related to News and Current Affairs which receives no outside funding whatsoever.

        My point is that your article (and the EDM you link to) has been stripped of many readily available facts that if included would make your point benign. You have stripped it back to the bare bones to create an argument designed to wind up and trigger right-wingers, however the point you make can very easily be dismissed should those other pesky facts be re-instated.


        1. John, you obviously know nothing about Parliamentary procedure.
          Lying to the House gets you into incredibly massive trouble.
          That’s why MPs limit their lying to outside the HoC.
          And you cannot deny that the BBC got the money.


          1. And you cannot deny that you spun the BBC receiving the money to suit your own anti-BBC bias. (I wonder what they did to you to make you bitter?)

  3. Why does the BBC get ANY foreign money is the real question.
    Next question is why the BBC exists
    And the central question is why the totalitarian licence fee still exists.


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