Can You Trust the Fake News BBC?

Watch this video. Just over an hour, but well worth it. And you will be shocked at how corrupted, depraved and wicked the BBC are.


  1. Hey, Bruce!

    Haven’t visited in 5-10 years. This morning, don’t ask me why, I asked myself what your take would be on Brexit. After taking a bit to remember your name (you always were that over-the-top producer that wanted to hang video game pirates), I managed to find your blog(s).

    Let me say I wasn’t disappointed: brexiteer, trumpist (after this two years!), tory to the bone, and still, over all, an insufferable dick. And even drinking from the Q conspiracy!. Wow. I really did well for myself when I stopped reading your blog 15? years ago, I didn’t know how well.

    Such a pity that your leave vote will really hurt they young people and not the idiots that have 10-20 years to leave and wanted to keep using the common market, curtail immigration, send all immigrants home, and still have free health insurance in Spain’s beaches. You know, the greatest negotiation of all time.

    Have fun. See you in another 5-10 years, when the UK goes down the toilet and you blame Corbyn for not stopping Brexit.


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