The BBC and Islam

Look at the graph above and you will see the immense power that the BBC has over the people of Britain. The BBC has a Charter which is supposed to prevent it from abusing this power, but despite this it does so on an almost unimaginable scale to promote its own agenda.

You might have noticed that the BBC put a lot of effort (using our money) into marketing the following to us:

  • Multiculturalism
  • An LGBT agenda
  • The EU
  • Global warming pseudoscience
  • Political correctness
  • Anything anti Donald Trump
  • Identity politics
  • Social justice
  • Virtue gesturing

It pushes these in all its content: drama, soap operas, documentaries, current affairs, “comedy”, news and even children’s programming. And the techniques it uses are designed to mould our opinions, our attitudes, our prejudices. For instance if an Islamic person wins a cooking competition or is a victim of something then they are “Muslim”. But if an Islamic person commits an atrocity then they are “Asian”. And if a political party, such as UKIP, has policies that differ from the BBC then they are “far right” or “extreme right wing”, even though this is a blatant lie. (You can check out UKIP policies for yourself HERE). This abuse of the language to brainwash the population is called Neuro Linguistic Programming, it is a very powerful tool and every time any member of the public uses any BBC content they are a victim of it, because it is all pervading.

The UKIP policy on freedom of speech is brilliant. The BBC must hate this with a vengeance.

The BBC is not left wing or right wing, it is Cultural Marxists (also sometimes referred to as New World Order, Deep State or Globalism). This political belief says the economic Marxism always fails, so lets just have all the social aspects of Marxism and let capitalism do the economic stuff that it is far better at. So Cultural Marxists seek to get rid of democracy, races, nationalities and personal freedoms, to enslave us. The journey to get us there is a project and the EU has a vital role in this project, once you know this then EU policies and workings make a lot more sense. The ultimate goal is for the world to be run by an oligarchic elite at the UN.

This book explains how the BBC brainwash the nation

The BBC has a vital role to play in enslaving us. It does this by controlling our thoughts and attitudes, it also does it by massively promoting political correctness. By making words and opinions socially unacceptable it takes way our ability to think independently. And it is succeeding. The BBC changes our behaviour. You may think that you can use BBC content without being brainwashed, but you can’t, its techniques are so embedded into everything it does.

The BBC (using our money) has sent many thousands of its managers to the Common Purpose secret society to be brainwashed into Cultural Marxism. These people are mostly what Stalin called useful idiots. They carry out the policies of Cultural Marxism, but they don’t realise what its ulterior motives are. If they were to research and investigate what they are a party too they would realise that they are accessories to a moral abomination.

Be very worried. They are taking over
A victim of Common Purpose programming

When we had the appalling terrorist atrocity of 50 Muslim worshipers being murdered in Mosques in New Zealand it ticked the BBC’s boxes and it sent out a big team to cover it. And they have created a huge amount of content promoting the BBC’s agenda. Far more than the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing received. But then that event was opposite to the BBC’s agenda. Whereas to the BBC events in New Zealand are a propaganda opportunity.

But let’s look at some more context. The Global Extremism Monitor recently issued research that Muslim extremists killed more than 84,000 people in 2017. The BBC isn’t telling you this because it goes against its propaganda message.

At the same time that the New Zealand atrocity was happening there was something similar happening in Nigeria. Only this time 120 were killed. And this time it was Christians being killed by Muslims. The BBC don’t want you to know this.

The really stupid thing about this heinous BBC bias is that the Muslims themselves are the exact opposite of Cultural Marxists. Political Islam is highly conservative and extremely right wing. Women are mere chattels, homosexuality is punishable by death and thieves have their hands cut off. Instead of lying that UKIP is right wing the BBC should be telling us the truth, that it is political Islam that is right wing.

George Orwell saw this coming. His book 1984 was a warning of how repressive Cultural Marxism would replace liberal Western democracy. And he is proving to be remarkable prescient.


  1. One of the biggest areas of BBC lies is regarding the President of the United States.
    In countless news, comedy, current affairs, documentary and soap opera mentions President Trump has been portrayed as an incompetent fool controlled by the Russians.
    So successful is the BBCs brainwashing that most British people believe these lies.
    The reality is that Trump is the enemy of the NWO Cultural Marxists. He is a devout believer in democracy and freedom. They aren’t.
    Trump is reducing their power, he calls it draining the swamp. So the BBC have gone to war against him. For this alone the BBC should be broken up and sold off.


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