Brexit. What did we vote for?

Just now the deep state is abusing its power to give us either BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) or no Brexit at all. This is not what the British people voted for. Our elected politicians have lost sight of what the British people voted for. We knew exactly what we were doing. It was laid out very clearly to us, the government spent £9.3 million of our money sending a propaganda leaflet to every home in Britain:

And our Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, told us repeatedly and in no uncertain manner exactly what we were voting for:

The British people saw sense and quite rightly voted to leave the EU. Then we had a second referendum. It was called the 2017 General Election. And leave won again, voting for this manifesto:

So by now you would think that everyone had got the message, the British people wanted out of the EU and our politicians had promised us repeatedly to deliver that. Then last year our new Prime Minister, Theresa May published this letter promising what her government would deliver:

And none of this is happening. The British people have been stabbed in the back. We now live in a post democratic country. The deep state, NWO, Cultural Maxist globalists have all the power. The British people have lost. And many of our politicians are traitors.

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