Six British Traitors

traitor NOUN a person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle.

On 23 June 2016  the electorate of the United Kingdom decided democratically to leave the European Union. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, told us repeatedly that what we decided on would be implemented by the Government and that there would be no second referendum. Anyone and everyone who now thinks otherwise is a bad loser and a traitor who hates democracy.

On Thursday 8 June 2017 there was a General Election, 317 Conservative MPs were elected to carry out the manifesto pledges above. Any Conservative MP who doesn’t carry them out is a fraud and a traitor, living on deceit and false promises.

Most lefties do not understand the Conservative Party. It is a very broad church encompassing a wide range of political philosophies; Classical Liberal, Thatcherite, High Tory, Minarchist, Whig, Red Tory, One Nation Conservative, Libertarian etc. And one MP will be in different tribes on different issue. This is why the manifesto is so important, a set of policies that they have come together to agree to implement and which they are elected into Parliament on the basis of.

Nick Boles, one of the Notting Hill set of Red Tory MPs. A homosexual he
claimed £679 in Parliamentary expenses for Hebrew lessons so that he could talk to his partner, Israeli Shay Meshulam. He represents
Grantham and Stamford  with a huge majority, gained by voters believing the manifesto above. In the EU referendum his constituents voted with a 60-40% split in favour of Leave and a recent YouGov poll shows their support for remain has dropped to just 36%. So if Boles respected our representative democracy he would be enthusiastically supporting Brexit. But he isn’t, in fact he has said that he will quit the party (a threat to bring the Government down) rather than support the no deal Brexit that his constituents voted for. He has been plotting with Labour MPs for a Norway type deal that would make us a vassal state of the EU. His Conservative Association chairman Philip Sagar says that Boles is not patriotic and should face deselection. In other words Boles is a traitor. If you would like to discuss these matter with Boles his email address is [email protected]

Kenneth Clarke, 78 years old was, many years ago, a Big Beast of the Conservative Party and a great parliamentarian. MP for Rushcliffe where he has a large majority. He says that the referendum result was a disaster and was not an instruction to any MP on how to vote. In other words he has no respect for democracy. You can contact Clarke via his secretary (probably best) [email protected] or directly at [email protected]

Dominic Grieve, lawyer and ex Attorney General, MP for Beaconsfield where he has a huge majority. EU fanatic. Ring leader of the bad loser Conservative Brexit saboteurs. You can contact his constituency at [email protected] and Grieve himself at [email protected]

Amber Rudd. Red Tory EU extremist. Resigned in disgrace as Home Secretary in April 2018. Amazingly back in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in November 2018. Recently told off by Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the House of Commons, for supporting a second, bad losers, referendum, when that is against government policy. MP for Hastings and Rye with a wafer thin majority. You can talk to her constituency party at [email protected] and Amber herself at [email protected]

Anna Soubry. Yet another democracy hating, bad loser EU fanatic. MP for Broxtowe where she has a wafer thin majority. Her constituents were strong leavers in the referendum. She has threatened to try and bring down the government if they try and do what they promised in their manifesto. One of the most rabid EU nutters. Should you want to help her straighten her ideas out you can contact her at [email protected] or Broxtowe Conservatives at [email protected] or [email protected]

Sarah Wollaston, another rabid EU nutter extremist. A doctor and once a sensible Brexiteer, something made her flip over to the bad loser, undemocratic dark side. She has a huge majority in her constituency of Totnes but is the subject of a deselection campaign. 54% of her constituents voted leave. Has threatened to leave the party (and thus bring down the government) if they do what they were elected to do and supports an undemocratic second referendum. Her email is [email protected] and Totnes Conservatives are at [email protected] should you wish to point out how representative democracy works.

These people hate what they were voted in for so they must resign and seek re-election as independents. George Soros would pay all their campaign costs. And Heseltine, Lineker, Blair and Branson would campaign for them.

These EU extremist traitors do not have enough morality to carry out either the manifesto they were voted in on or the democratic wishes of the British people. They are a disgrace. They should be given one last chance to do what they were voted in to do, then, if they don’t behave, have the whip removed and be de-selected by their local parties. Using the email addresses above you can help them to see the error of their ways.


  1. Petition:

    Since the outcome of the EU referendum, Anna Soubry MP has ignored her constituency who voted to Leave the EU. She has campaigned against Brexit, and now acknowledging the result, she is actively trying to thwart the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. Together with Dominic Grieve, Ken Clarke, Antoinette Sandbach, Nicky Morgan, Stephen Hammond, Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston, Bob Neil, Jonathan Djanogly and Sir Oliver Heald, she has voted for a change in the law which will give them a veto on the final deal negotiated by the Prime Minister. This could destabilize the government and put Jeremy Corbyn into No. 10. Ms Soubry and these other rebels are betraying their leader, and the 17.4 Million people who have voted for Brexit. Ms. Soubry attacks the government at any opportunity she has, and continues to rally against what the electorate voted for. If this is the game she wants to play, she should realise that there are many angry voters who actually employ her as their representative in Parliament. It is the people that are sovereign, and the voted MP’s are actually sitting in Parliament. Ms Soubry and the above are elected representatives, and they are going against what was voted for.

    We feel that Anna Soubry is abusing such a position, and this is clear in her anger and resentment towards leaving the European Union. Her attempt, with her colleagues to keep us as close to EU laws is not what we have voted for. We have voted to take control of our own laws and borders, and to trade with the EU, not stay tied to them. Anna Soubry has her own reasons, but that is what they are, not the views of the electorate who in the largest turnout in many years have voted to leave the EU, and for this reason we are calling for her deselection, along with those other mp’s who are going against the government rather than working with them. When the EU referendum was first announced by then Prime Minister, David Cameron, we were told that no one, no MP, or the government could change the result of the vote. We object to Anna Soubry and her colleagues for trying to prevent or and keep us as close to the EU as they can.


  2. On 8 January there was a House of Commons vote to try and prevent a clean Brexit.
    Here is a list of the Conservative MPs who voted against the manifesto that got them elected, they need de-selecting for the next General Election:

    Heidi Allen
    Guto Bebb
    Richard Benyon
    Nick Boles
    Ken Clarke
    Jonathan Djanogly
    Michael Fallon
    George Freeman
    Justine Greening
    Dominic Grieve
    Sam Gyimah
    Dr Phillip Lee
    Oliver Letwin
    Nicky Morgan
    Robert Neill
    Antoinette Sandbach
    Nicholas Soames
    Anna Soubry
    Ed Vaizey
    Sarah Wollaston


    1. From a totally neutral point of view, Remainers seem to fall in to three categories :-
      1 – Financial vested interest like the BBC and other MSM through grants and “indirect payments”
      2 – Badly educated (ie left leaning universities indoctrinated by deep state and religion of peace campaigners).
      3 – Stupid
      …. or perm any two from three….or all three.
      Sorry if this offends but I am, apparently an “ignorant” brexiteer who is “old, pale and stale”.
      Hurty words are not important.


  3. 1) Soubry is notorious as a heckler in the House of Commons. She has been rebuked by the Speaker many times. She can give it but not take it.
    2) 50 Metropolitan police are now protecting Soubry from words. Whilst people are being stabbed on the streets of London.
    3) Met officers believe a public order offence may have been committed by hecklers – remember when the group of lefties attacked Farage and his family, well that was OK. Our police are politicised, so we live in a police state.
    4) I have been called a Fascist and a Nazi many times on social media. I have decided that I am “offended”. Can the Met please now persecute the perpetrators of this evil.


  4. We now live in a dictatorship not a democracy.. I would have never believed this would happen in my life. The politicians are very much like the juntas of Africa who think the people of this country are just to be ignored and warn down the are all lying through there back teeth. I for one am totalty ashamed to be BRITISH,


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