Q, a Trump Insider, is Leaking News on the War Against Globalists

You won’t find this on the mainstream media such as the BBC because they are part of the swamp that Trump is draining. But you will find it all over the free bits of the internet, such as Gab.

A Trump insider, under the pseudonym Q, is revealing on the free speech website, 4Chan, what is happening inside the White House, where a huge battle is going on against the evils of the Deep State. Q clearance is the highest level of security access in the US government, hence the name.

Q has been set a number of internet tests to prove their status. They have done this by posting pictures from inside Airforce One and by revealing White House announcements in advance. So the source is largely accepted as credible.

As has been pointed out on here before, the Cultural Marxist Deep State, ever since the days of Reagan and Thatcher, have gradually been taking over the world. By controlling the media and education, by taking away our rights and freedoms, by politicising the police, by mass immigration, by increasing the power of undemocratic institutions such as the EU and UN and by constant war. They are imprisoning our minds so that we now accept political correctness, multiculturalism and deviant sexuality as normal. Desirable even. This process will continue till they totally control us.

We are lucky that populists, who love freedom and democracy, are starting to fight back, led by Donald Trump. But it is a huge battle because the globalists control the media, they have the money and they have had decades to entrench themselves in power.

Q has been posting since October 28th 2017. A dump of all their revelations can be found HERE, you need to start at the bottom right and gradually work your way up. (A second dump is HERE). It is full of acronyms and abbreviations which take some getting used to. THIS account on Reddit explains a lot of what is going on. The #QAnon tag on Twitter gives a running commentary.

The FBI and CIA have gone over to the the dark side and Trump is using the NSA and the Marines, which he directly controls, as his trusted allies in the fight. There is a war going on between the corrupted civilian intelligence agencies and the loyal military intelligence agencies. All the attempts to attack Trump are just the Deep State fighting back. They know that he has the power as Supreme Commander to beat them.

If you want far deeper analysis there is a good article HERE and a good hour long Youtube video HERE.

Now, of course, this might all be conspiracy theory. But if you watch that YouTube and read that article then you will have a lot of compelling facts with which to form your own balanced view. And a lot of events will click into place. Here is a short, simpler video:

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  1. From Gab:
    A UK Anon praises @POTUS and Team Q and asks: “…any chance after USA has been un-corrupt, can you maybe sort out the UK. We are hurting. Bigly ;)” Q replies that May (Theresa) has been ‘neutralized’ and “Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.”!!


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