There is no left or right in politics now, just freedom Vs slavery

Politics is no longer left Vs right. Except for a few isolated dinosaurs of socialist extremism such as Corbyn and Madure, clinging on to their utterly discredited dogma. There is no right wing any more.

On one side now you have the authoritarian, big state globalists, the new world order. They seek a post democratic nationless world where the elite own and run the masses, who are shorn of all rights and freedoms. Key organisations include the UN, EU, BBC, Bilderberg and Common Purpose. Key members include Merkel, Macron, Soros, Trudeau, Obama the Clintons and every British PM since Thatcher. Their political philosophy is based on Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism. They are avidly supported by US West Coast technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The other side is the populists who believe in freedom, human rights, individual responsibility and national identity. The Yellow Vest protesters across Europe are a current manifestation.  Key populists include Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini and Jacob Rees Mogg, Their political philosophy is based on classical liberalism. The globalists call the populists “right wing”, which is a very obvious lie. Populist beliefs are the opposite of right wing. 

Once you understand that there are these two sides in politics in the world today then everything makes a lot more sense. Trump says “Make America Great Again” because he is a nationalist who believes in his country. He says “Drain the Swamp” when he campaigns in order to protect the American people from the globalists. The BBC, CNN and the rest of the fake news media attack Trump at every opportunity because they are the swamp. 

In Britain the globalists have had control since 1990 and have consolidated their power over all the apparatus of state via the Common Purpose secret society. Our individual rights have been steadily taken away from us by all governments as they seek to control and own us. Thought crimes are now a real thing, with the police spending their time monitoring Twitter and Facebook for words they don’t like, instead of trying to stop knife crime on our streets. We really do need some form of peaceful revolution before it is too late.

One very strange manifestation of the divide between globalists and populists is the way that so many young people have been tricked into supporting the globalists. Just look at Antifa and Momentum for example. The globalists have stolen the language of the old left to motivate these immature people into fascist behaviour. The kids are victims. Useful idiots. Tools of the deep state. They are so incapable of thinking that they don’t realise that they are just being used. And that if they succeed in taking rights away from others then the same method will be used to take rights away from them. They are campaigning to harm themselves.

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