Cultural Marxism is destroying Western Civilisation

The above image illustrates exactly what is happening in the Western education system. Generations are being brainwashed into Communism. But they are not told that it is Communism, socialism maybe. But mostly they are told that it is social justice, LGBT, multiculturalism, feminism, identity politics, minority rights. And we see it implemented in our society. Mass immigration of cultural aliens, destruction and denial of our great history, limitations on the language we can use, promotion of deviant sexuality, punishment of success by expropriation, politicising of the police and justice system, virtue gesturing, mass surveillance, authoritarian big state politics. Amazingly George Orwell predicted many of these things in his book 1984. He could see where the Frankfurt School was taking us.

Donald Trump and a number of Western politicians are called “populists” because they want to stop all this. Trump calls it draining the swamp. It is a deep swamp. It contains powerful organisations and individuals trying to create a post democratic, dystopian New World Order; George Soros, Common Purpose, Barack Obama, the BBC.

To help you understand what is happening there is this amazing video. Just 7 minutes long. Watch it and it will change your life:



  1. What do you mean by “promotion of deviant sexuality” and what evidence do you have for this?


    1. By promoting deviant sexuality the Cultural Marxists destroy the family unit and family values. They are working to make everyone into unthinking drones. So LGBT propaganda is built into all BBC output. The Archers, East Enders, dramas, news and current affairs, chat shows, DJs etc etc. Normalising that which is not normal. Making deviant sexuality fashionable and trendy. And the hard of thinking are taken in by this. Not realising that they are just pawns in the destruction of our society.


  2. No! Its above that! The true facilitaters are called the New World Order of which Soros is a member and the Rothschilds
    Below that there are various factions but the driving force is the New World Order which is operating globally


  3. So, if i Have this right you consider gay or bi-sexual relationships to be deviant sexuality? Is it merely gay sex acts you consider to be deviant or gay relationships. What is your definition of “deviant” and why do you apply it to them?

    Scientific evidence shows that being gay is not a choice – and as 2% of the population are gay or bisexual wouldn’t it be odd if they wren’t a part of drama etc. In what way do you think the LGBT population are destroying our society?


  4. This makes sense of a nonsensical world. I understand now that my confusion was my moral, intellectual and physical sickness, brought about by living in a world that I was at odds with, was feeling very uncomfortable about, yet knew that I wasn’t mad, but simply being brainwashed by a bombardment of cultural Marxism.


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