Tommy Robinson is not Right Wing

You may have noticed that the BBC and the other Common Purpose controlled media call Tommy Robinson right wing or extreme right wing every time they mention his name. This is a lie. The use of pejorative language like this is designed to make you think badly of the man. It is Neuro Linguistic Programming. You are being brainwashed. They could call Tommy Robinson a best selling author or a free speech activist. Both of these are actually true. And both of these would make you think positively of Tommy Robinson. So the Cultural Marxist media don’t do it.

Now to prove that Tommy Robinson is definitely not right wing look at the following:

What Tommy Robinson DOESN’T believe in:

Islam and Shariah taking over Britain without any debate
The industrial scale gang rape of white children by Muslim men
A militarised police force
Repatriation without due cause
Bigotry of race or religion
Mass immigration destroying the British way of life and our culture

What Tommy Robinson DOES believe in:

Free speech
Respect for all races and religions
A free, honest and accurate press
The rule of law
The British nation

All the above prove that Tommy Robinson is definitely not right wing. But the Common Purpose BBC will continue describing him as one because he is not a Cultural Marxist.

Watch this video and make your own mind up about the man:


  1. So Grenfell Guy arrests – free speech suppression and PC police writ large?


    1. Indeed Fred. Under the umbrella of “hate crime” the thought police have taken away our rights and freedoms. We have become the property of the state. Social Marxism has won. A terrible time for humanity.


  2. I see that the BBC and Sky News TV receives many complaints about it’s coverage of Tommy Robinson as being biased. It is very common to see any negative commentary on islam and those that makes the comments as ‘fascist’, ‘extremist’, ‘far right’ and ‘alt right’. I now see the neuro linguistic programming behind it. Trouble is most people don’t know what cultural Marxism is! I have complained, suggest others continue to do so. I agree, the BBC and most mainstream media are cultural Marxists. I see the far let even deny that cultural Marxism exists, calling a ‘far right conspiracy theory’. Well, it does exit, as it can be identified! Tommy is often now described as an ‘anti islam activist’ by the BBC, which I don’t disagree with. I had my red pill on all this cultural Marxism crap in July, due to illness and spare time to read. I wish cultural Marxism was more widely recognised by the population, so we can better defend against it!


  3. You state TR doesn’t believe in [the existence of] “The industrial scale gang rape of white children by Muslim men”. Do you arrive at this because the said barbarity isn’t limited to whites, but all non-moslem, including Sikh girls?


    1. I said nothing about [the existence of]. He just believes that it should not happen.


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