Theresa May’s Brexit “agreement” is a surrender document

Firstly it is worth noting that Theresa was a passenger when this was put together. Such things are well past her competence level. It wasn’t the two now resigned Secretaries of State for Exiting the European Union either. It happened behind their back, hence their resignations. The deal was put together by a ferociously pro EU civil servant called Olly Robbins who works directly for Theresa May.

The “agreement” has been very successful in creating unity. Both remainers and leavers, who are usually polarised, regard it as untenable. A surrender document. There are three reasons that it could be so utterly awful:

  1. The EU punishing us for daring to leave. Also setting a deterrence to other countries who might want to leave. Italy are idiots for remaining in the EU, for instance.
  2. Sheer incompetence by our negotiators. We all know that a Donald Trump or a Margaret Thatcher (or a Boris Johnson even) would have fought far harder and got a much better deal.
  3. Sabotage. The pro EU civil servants deliberately creating an unacceptable deal, so the British people become disillusioned with Brexit and we don’t leave.

There is an invisible hand at play here and that is Cultural Marxism, which seeks to create a post democratic one world government with no nations. To them the EU is an essential step in this project. The UK leaving the EU would be a disaster to their plans. And the Cultural Marxists, via the Common Purpose secret society, control the government, the civil service, much news media (especially the BBC) and most public institutions. They are working flat out to change the referendum result. They hate democracy and the British voter.

So how can you get to form your own opinions about the surrender document? You could sit and read all 500+ pages in the company of a lawyer or you could find someone untainted by Cultural Marxism who has done this for you. So here are three very good places to go. They have distilled right down to the essentials, so you can become expert on the subject without having to read too much.

    1. The Institute of Economic Affairs briefing can be found by clicking HERE. They conclude “In sum, the proposed deal could make it harder to realise the full economic benefits of Brexit, while threatening the integrity of the UK.” Also they have created a very good briefing on the vexatious matter of the backstop HERE.
    2. The Spectator is a very intelligent weekly newspaper. You can register and read three articles a month free of charge. Well worth it for THIS ONE, The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal.
    3. And then there is the parliamentary European Research Group who have created THIS forensic document. Your Right to Know: The Case against Chequers and the Draft Withdrawal Agreement in plain English.

One of the worst elements is that the UK has to pay the EU £39bn in punishment that we don’t need to. To give you an idea how much this is, there are 26 million households in the UK and each of them is going to have to pay the EU £1,500 of money that they have worked for. That is nearly 200 hours of work at minimum wage. For every UK household. Part of this is continuing to pay the pensions of all the UK based EU politicians MEPs and civil servants. Despite the fact that we paid into their pension contributions when they worked at the EU. So we are paying twice for their pensions. And May’s “agreement” makes these pension payments tax free. So people like Kinnock and Mandelson who were so keen to tax us to pay for public services don’t want to help pay for the NHS and police themselves.

The good news is that there is little chance of this passing through the House of Commons. The DUP, who prop us May’s minority government have been deceived and could force a General Election any time they want. The whole “backstop” issue is a smokescreen created by the EU and UK civil servants. Plenty of EU countries have land borders with non EU countries. But the deal sees Northern Ireland remaining in the EU with a border running down the Irish Sea. Thus stealing our sovereignty and preventing us doing free trade agreements with the rest of the world.

Talking of FTAs, these enable us to engage in frictionless trade with the 80+% of the world’s economy that is outside the EU. So far the USA, China, the TPP11, much of the Commonwealth and many other countries say they want to sign up. Most of the world’s economy and population. This is a golden opportunity to make the United Kingdom boom. Instead we have civil servants and politicians doing their uttermost to sabotage democracy.


  1. One tactic of Remainers is to say that the majority who voted to leave were all thick and didn’t know what they were doing.
    To utterly disprove their case a group of leading academics got together and created Briefings for Brexit. Nobody can accuse these people of being thick, just look who they are:
    Here is their latest newsletter:
    And an article about the Irish problem:
    If you want yet more intellectual stimulation on the subject there is Economists for Free Trade. A group of top economists who have got together to make the case for a free and unfettered United Kingdom that can enrich itself outside the damaging constraints of the pernicious EU customs union:

    It is an irrefutable fact the the leavers in the national debate make a far more coherent and considered case than the remainers whose main tactic is to resort to the lies of Project Fear. With the resources in this article and this reply you have the facts to refute any and every argument to remain.


  2. If you got this far you must be interested in the debate. So this is interesting. No10 have attempted to rebut the 40 points in the Spectator article mentioned above, something the Spectator were perfectly happy to publish. It is only the left who don’t believe in free speech. Read that here:
    Of course this is a debate. So obviously the Spectator have rebutted the Downing Street rebuttals:
    So that uses up your 3 free Spectator articles for the month. But worth it because nobody will be able to beat you in a Brexit debate now!


  3. Why does no one ever talk of Oily Robbins reform outfit while at Oxford ? surely someone who is a fanatic with regard to the federalisation of the EU is hardly likely to be effectively fighting to come out or is this the plan to dupe the public that they are fighting to get a deal and leave May is a remainer and her top advisor a federalist , they are having a larf they can fool some of the people some of the time ,


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