Brexit. You Are Being Manipulated By The Deep State

The warning signs were obvious and ominous when David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister after losing the Brexit vote. Unbelievably he was replaced by another EU enthusiast, Theresa May. With no proper democratic process. The other candidate, brexiteer Andrea Leadsom, “withdrew” from the contest. Democracy was denied. And the BBC and the rest of our mainstream press rejoiced in this because it was what they wanted. They are all part of the deep state and we voters are just a nuisance, there to be manipulated and ignored. You were stitched up.

Now our “negotiations” to leave the EU have been handled by Olly Robbins, an EU enthusiast civil servant and by May herself. So very obviously they have not even tried to come up with a good deal for us to leave. They don’t even think that we are going to leave. What they have come up with is an agreement that will annoy and offend everyone, no matter what their view on Brexit is. Basically they have created a surrender document that keeps us in the single market indefinitely, prevents us doing trade deals with the rest of the world (as Trump pointed out), gives Gibraltar to the Spanish, gives our fisheries to the French, costs the British taxpayer £39 billion and leaves Northern Ireland (part of the UK) under direct EU control. So one sided is it that, when presented to the Council of Ministers of all the other EU countries (the EU27), they approved it in half an hour. This whole charade is pre planned.

So why has the deep state deliberately created such an abject surrender deal? It is because they want it to be rejected. Sure, they are going through the motions of getting it approved, but this is just play acting. Theresa May has been caught out lying repeatedly over this whole process. The fake news BBC never call her to task over this because they are part of the plot. You cannot believe a single thing that Theresa May says and you cannot believe the BBC.

Watch Jacob Rees Mogg politely prove that Theresa May is a liar:

So who are the deep state? Some people call them globalists, some call them New World Order, some call them Bilderberg and some call them Cultural Marxists. What they are working towards (and succeeding) is a post democratic world run by a small elite, with no countries, no separate races, no family, no religion and no freedom. Amazingly George Orwell saw this coming and warned us in his book 1984. In the UK the deep state is created and controlled by the Common Purpose secret society. Many tens of thousands of senior public sector managers have been on their courses where neuro linguistic programming and nudge are used to brainwash them into becoming drones. It is good for their careers because they “look after” one another, just like the freemasons do. And if you want to learn how they are brainwashed just research the work of the Tavistock Institute.

Watch this short video if you do not already fully understand Cultural Marxism. Then think about it. It will change your life:

The Common Purpose graduates of the deep state are EU fanatics. They see the EU as an essential stepping stone towards their post democratic world government. So leaving the EU would be an immense disaster for them. You can see that with the BBC, where the several hundred Common Purpose graduates running the corporation are using its massive power as a propaganda machine against Brexit. You can also see it with the Civil Service, with the Treasury, the Bank of England and with the Conservative government. All these people are trying to destroy what the British people democratically voted for. They are our enemies. And we need to drain the swamp.

So Theresa May, the BBC, the EU and the Civil Service are manipulating us into a second referendum which they expect to win. May denies it, but she is lying. Mark Carney is coming out with ever more wild “predictions” which are just Project Fear lies. He should be sacked for using his position to interfere in British politics. The Treasury likewise is coming out with an endless pack of lies. Just as they did at the time of the referendum. It takes a special sort of idiot to believe this Project Fear because everything they predicted over the last three years has not happened. George Osborne had to resign in disgrace when all his lies were exposed.

The EU has a long record of having second referendums when they lose. Notice that they never have a second referendum when they win. Also notice that they never make it best of three.

The Maastricht Treaty gave away much UK sovereignty to the EU. We were promised a referendum but didn’t get one. The Danes did, in 1992, and they rejected it. So, guess what, they had a second referendum, which the EU won. The Irish had a referendum on the 2001 Treaty of Nice, which they rejected. A second referendum soon fixed that. The European Constitution of 2005 was rejected by the voters of France and Holland, so it was replaced with the Treaty of Lisbon and they weren’t even given a second vote. The Irish, however, were and they rejected it. So, you won’t believe this, they had a second referendum which the EU won. In Greece they had an EU bailout referendum in 2015, again it was rejected, but this time the Greek government just ignored it.

You must be detecting a pattern here. You can clearly see how the EU work and how they expect to have and to win a second referendum. And Theresa May, the BBC and the deep state are on their side, they are working hard to achieve this. They are very definitely not on your side. You are just a victim of their actions. And the bad losers in the public who are asking for a second referendum are just pawns, the biggest victims of all, because they have become detached from the reality of democracy.

Finally if you actually want a balanced view of the effects of Brexit without the deep state lies you could try clicking on these resources:

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