Why is the state promoting homosexuality?

This we see mainly with the police, the education system, the NHS and the BBC, and also with major charities such as the National Trust. But is is prevalent through everything that the government controls. There is a persistent and relentless campaign not just to normalise homosexuality but to brainwash the population into thinking it is the preferable choice. And it is not just the state, other left wing media and organisations are joining in too.

Gender reassignment of children is being promoted by schools and the NHS. The BBC run positive homosexuality stories constantly on their news website. And their promotion of it continues through nearly all their programming. From the Archers, through East Enders to TV dramas and the afternoon play on BBC R4. All this uses the method called nudge to move and to control your opinions.

And if you criticise this in any way, or even question why it is happening with no national debate then you are homophobic, hard right, fascist and literally like Hitler. When in reality the real fascists here are the ones who close down debate. Of course homosexuality should be legal and not discriminated against, what consenting adults do in private is up to them. But that doesn’t mean that our government should set out to create as many recruits to the homosexual cause as possible.

So why is homosexuality being marketed so hard in our schools and on our television? Why is the state doing this? The answer is very straightforward, it is a part of Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism. This is organised in Britain by the Common Purpose secret society. They have brainwashed tens of thousands of senior government managers on their courses. And they are doing it as a tactic to destroy the family unit and family values. Cultural Marxism sees the family as the main enemy to their goal of creating a dystopian post democratic society run by a small elite where everyone else is a just a mindless drone with no freedoms.

Here are some of their other tactics that you might have noticed.

  1. Mass immigration of non white people. This is to get rid of race by misceganation.
  2. Ever and ever stricter speech laws. By limiting what we say they limit what we think.
  3. Rabid promotion of the EU and Project Fear over Brexit. Because the EU is a vital stepping stone towards a global superstate.
  4. Reduced democracy, as we are seeing with our Brexit vote being ignored. The elite think they know better than the people.
  5. Increased interference of the state into everything. They are working towards owning us, controlling us.
  6. Total intolerance of all dissenting voices. Debate is being eliminated using the tool of “political correctness”. You will conform.
  7. Watering down of national pride. They don’t want you to identify with nationhood.
  8. The police concentrating on controlling social media. They don’t want us thinking for ourselves.
  9. Pathological hatred of Donald Trump. He knows what they are doing and is working to stop it. Draining the swamp.
  10. Financial dependency on the state. In work benefits, received by millions, are a form of state ownership of people.

Now it might be that you approve of all this, that you want to be the property of the state, controlled by a small elite. But we could at least have the debate, most people don’t know what is being done to them.


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  1. I’ve got no problem with homosexuality, but like transgender it shouldn’t be promoted to children. You either are or you aren’t. This is where LGTBQ contradict themselves, saying gay people are born that way. Well help the children who are trying to make sense of their sexuality or gender by all means, but don’t try to make those are heterosexual question themselves. Growing up is hard enough without ideas being promoted that can cause psychological harm further down the line. I fully believe people are born gay, straight, bi or trans. Don’t ever try to convert anyone who knows their sexual preferences.


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