How the Left Hate Free Speech. Except for Themselves

As you are aware there is a healthy national debate going on about Brexit right now. Mainly because Theresa May is not delivering what the majority voted for and is telling us a pack of lies to cover up for this. She is a EU enthusiast as are most of her cabinet and senior civil servants. Which is a national disgrace. They are working to keep us in the EU. This is treason against the British people.

So some understandably upset members of the public have organised a peaceful march in London, The Great Brexit Betrayal Rally on Sunday 9th December. This is their right in a free democratic country.

Tommy Robinson, the author and free speech campaigner will speak at this event. As I have written here before Tommy is definitely not right wing. It is the state that has been right wing in its actions against him. And it is Tommy’s democratic right to attend this event and to speak at it, for his views to be heard. Every decent, democracy loving person would agree with this. But not the left.

Amazingly The Guardian, supposedly a national newspaper, is proposing direct action against the event to shut Tommy up. (click HERE). They are trying to create a riot. Because they disagree with what Tommy Robinson has to say. They want to deprive him of his rights whilst keeping their own rights. This is utterly despicable and beneath contempt. Notice their extensive use of pejorative language and of lies.

And a riot is what we are going to have. Socialist Worker are more explicit in their demands for Tommy Robinson to be denied his rights by the use of direct action. (click HERE) They call everyone who disagrees with them a “racist” or “fascist”, when by their actions they are the real fascists. They are, quite literally, just like Hitler. And what is happening here is incitement. Which is illegal. But, on the day, you can guess which group the police will be attacking, and which group will get the blame. The Metropolitan police are run by Common Purpose drone Cressida Dick.

More totally illegal overt support for direct action by the democracy hating left can be found HERE and HERE. And they are organised, having laid on transport HERE. There is a concerted effort across left wing group to come into direct conflict with a peaceful demonstration. These people are utterly despicable. Yet the funny thing is that the left have large numbers of marches in London. I have seen loads of them. And nobody interferes. And nobody tries to prevent them from exercising their right to free speech. It is only the left who think that people who disagree with them shouldn’t have rights. Even though what the left are proposing is vile, nasty and massively harmful to society and to everyone’s quality of life.

Now you might think that you support remain, so you don’t care. But next time it might be something that you believe in and the left don’t. How will you feel then? Note that I support the rights and freedoms of everybody, even crackpot lefty extremist nutters.





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