We need a new Whig political party in Britain

The huge problem facing the British voter these days is that all the available options are socialist. And socialism is pure evil. Even the Conservative Party is now run by Red Tories, so it is high tax, big state, authoritarian, politically correct, redistributive, anti business, multicultural, anti freedom. The exact opposite of the party that Margaret Thatcher led.

What the British voters now need is a Thatcherite anti socialist party to vote for. One that looks after the interests of the people. And with some of the ethos of the great Whig party of the eighteenth century. The party of Robert Walpole and William Pitt the Elder. The party largely responsible for putting the Great into Great Britain. So let’s look at some policies.

Patriotism. We are the land of Shakespeare and of J K Rowling. Of Newton and of Darwin. Of Vaughan Williams and of the Beatles. Of Winston Churchill and of Henry V. Of Wilberforce and of Pankhurst. Of Turner and of Gainsborough. Of Aston Martin and of McLaren. Of Ian Botham and of Stanley Matthews. Of GSK and of BP. Of Waterloo and of the Battle of Britain We have very much to be proud of. We have a great and distinct nation identity. Fair play, tolerance, discovery, adventure, enterprise. We are each of us the product of those who have gone before and we should be proud. Very proud.

Small government. Everything that the government does it does very badly. This is a self evident fact, the proof of which is all around us. So the less government the better. The government should not be running huge businesses like Network Rail, RBS and the NHS, because it runs them very badly indeed. The government should only provide those things that individuals and private businesses can’t provide. Like policing and defence. Whole government departments can be abolished, DCMS, DfID and probably the entire BIS. They aren’t necessary.

Immigration. We should welcome to Great Britain only the people that we need and they should integrate and become British, obeying British laws. British citizenship is a great honour and should be very difficult for foreigners to obtain. Immigrants who do not want to be British should be shipped straight back where they came from.

Business and trade. These are what produce all the wealth and ultimately all the jobs. So the government should remove as many impediments and restrictions on them as possible, especially by leaving the EU. We should aim for tariff free trade with minimum non tariff barriers. Great Britain needs to be the most business friendly country on planet earth. The British jobs market needs liberalising with nearly all the current restrictions on hiring and firing removed.

Personal freedom. We must get this back. Starting with true free speech. So all the laws that currently limit free speech, such as those for “hate speech” and libel must be repealed. Political correctness, multiculturalism and identity politics must be thrown on the garbage, where they belong. In the USA they have the First Amendment which guarantees free speech and which works brilliantly. We need the same here.

Equality of opportunity. For the nation to get the best out of its people and for the people to get the best out of the nation we must maximise how every individual can develop and contribute to society. However equality of outcome is evil and must always be avoided. Its implementation is always dependent on unfairly harming some people.

Vested interests. People with undemocratic power over us. Margaret Thatcher hated this and dealt with the likes of the old school tie and the trade unions. But the freemasons, the Zionists and Common Purpose still need dealing with. Also no news media, company or family (including the BBC and Murdoch) should control more than 20% of the total UK news reach. So the BBC needs breaking up and selling off. The House of Lords must become democratic and the monarchy closer in purpose to those of Sweden, Denmark and Holland.

Taxation. We have become anaesthetised to the government appropriating from us half of the money we work for. This is theft, it is utterly immoral and it must be stopped. We should only pay for those things that only government can provide. Corporation tax is appalling, it removes from the economy the funds used for job creation and investment, so it must be abolished. Income tax should be halved. Inheritance tax should be abolished, families would be encouraged to build up wealth. People must take responsibility for their own lives and their own money.

Benefits. Job seekers allowance should be for four months only and should be means tested. There are more jobs out there than people looking for them. After four months workfare should be provided at minimum wage for those who need it. All benefits given to people should be published on the internet. It is our money, we should see how it is spent. In work benefits must end, replaced with a minimum wage increase. Benefits fraud should be properly investigated and harshly punished. The government should provide the minimum possible safety net for those with genuine needs.

Law and order. The police will no longer be needed to censor free speech, so can concentrate on real crime. We should aim to at least halve the prison population, using punitive fines instead as punishment. £1,000 for dropping litter, £100,000 for voter fraud, £10,000 for a street mugging. Sell the perpetrator’s assets to meet the fine. Use the fines to make the police more effective. We need a two tier police force, a locally accountable community police force for most things interfacing the public and a national police force to deal with terrorism, gangsterism, internet crime, fraud etc.

NHS. We need a universal health insurance scheme and heath provision without charge at the point of use. But the government should not be providing either of these. Other countries do it differently and they do it better. Likewise pensions, another industry the government should not be in.

Military. The problem here is that if you build up capabilities they end up being abused and misused by the likes of Tony Blair. So we must have far greater checks and balances. But in a world containing expansionist China, an aggressive Russia and an irrational North Korea we need more military capabilities. It is now easy for a small country and a poor country to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. Just look at Israel and Pakistan. The way we should build our capabilities is with a very large volunteer reserve. Every port with a coastal water patrol vessel, RAF squadrons manned by reservists (as in the USA) and volunteer Army regiments around the country. All our armed forces need a severe pruning of top brass we have far, far too many Admirals, Generals etc.

There is absolutely no chance that you agree with all of this, but it all makes complete sense. Everything here has been used successfully elsewhere. If implemented we would have a far richer and far more open society with a greater quality of life for everyone.



  1. Most interesting article. I wish you were in politics with more like minded people of your calibre but I think the establishment would block your application. I will donate.


    1. The For Britain Movement is led by Anne Marie Waters, a well known socialist. And socialism is the enemy.
      However they have been described by lefties as Nazis and racists, which is always a good thing.


      1. AMW used to be a member of the labour party when it represented the working class, but that was way back before it became a socialist party. And before it opened the floodgates to mass immigration from the islamic world under blairism. Indeed she opposes the Labour party and seeks to destroy it. She wants to renuild the nhs. She certianly has no socialist elements about her or which are contained in For Britian’s policies. If you believe otherwise, I would be pleased to see your evidence.


  2. Can I add one item to citizen section

    There can be NO dual or multi nationals. All those taking British nationaliy must renounce any othe state


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