The Monumental Deception of the British People

Above you can see the key points from the Conservative General Election Manifesto of last year (2017). These are the commitments to us that we voted on and which Theresa May formed her government on. Remember them? Now take a look at the key points from Theresa May’s surrender agreement with the EU:

1) UK remains in the EU indefinitely, unless the EU say otherwise.
2) Taxation without representation.
3) UK cannot enter into free trade deals with the rest of the world.
4) UK split up.
5) Goodbye fisheries. Macron has confirmed this.
6) Goodbye Gibraltar. Otherwise Spain would not have agreed.
7) ECJ retains jurisdiction over the UK.
8) Effectively the UK becomes a vassal state of Germany.
9) £39, 000 million of our money given to the EU as reparations.

As you can see they are the exact opposite of what the nation voted for. And the surrender agreement is far, far worse than just walking away. A clean exit is now the preferred option.

As a voter you might take exception to being lied to and deceived on an industrial scale by your Government. You know what to do; never again vote for a political party led by Theresa May or any other Red Tory Bremainiac. There are far better options.

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