Proof: Common Purpose are at the Centre of Government, the Civil Service and the Conservative Party.

Common Purpose is the most powerful organisation in Britain today. Its tens of thousand of members in senior position throughout the public and charity sectors promote a Cultural Marxist agenda that is destroying the British way of life.

Let’s introduce you to some of the characters in these documents.

  • Francis Maude MP, Conservative Minister for the Cabinet Office
  • Julia Middleton, Chief Executive Officer of Common Purpose and ex-editor of Marxism Today
  • David Bell, Chair of Common Purpose Trustees, one of the bosses of this organisation
  • Gus O’Donnell, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service
  • Janet Paraskeva, First Civil Service Commissioner is a senior Common Purpose drone

The date is 18 May 2010, a week after the Conservatives under David Cameron had won the General Election. Julia Middleton had been the Head of Personnel Selection in the office of John Prescott when he was Deputy Prime Minister of the previous (Labour) government. She wanted to retain power under the new regime so sent this email:

Notice she uses the familiar sign off “love”. Middleton and Maude are obviously good friends. Also she alludes to the fact that the Civil Service is already infested with Common Purpose members with her “quite a few”. And there is no hiding her intentions “culture change” means replacing the British way of life, our heritage, our national identity with a Cultural Marxist dystopia.

And it worked! We have minutes from a Cabinet Office meeting a month later (one of a series) attended by Common Purpose.

These minutes are designed to be as brief and un-recriminating as possible. However they relate to the brainwashing into Common Purpose of the top 200 civil servants. Notice their actions were to be “subtle”, which is typical of Common Purpose who use “nudge” to gradually move people into their dogma. Also when it says “develop people” it means sending them on Common Purpose courses, which is made perfectly clear in any other business “Running workshops in the Common Purpose model was proposed”.

When you see that this insidious process is replicated in the police, the BBC, the NHS, most major charities, the church, the education system, local government etc, and that it trickles down these organisations from the top to the bottom, it helps you understand how this evil organisation has taken over running Great Britain.

Stalin called people who helped him achieve his aims “useful idiots” and he generally killed them once they had served their purpose. The vast majority of Common Purpose members are useful idiots. They think it is a good thing, achieving mild and beneficial social change. They don’t realise that it is a project to achieve Cultural Marxism. The elimination of our history, our nationality, our cultural heritage, our freedom, our rights and our democracy. Any useful idiots should watch the following video to understand what is being done to them.


  1. There is no contact details? I would like to use some info you have on Common Purpose and link back to you?


  2. NB: the email to Maude misspells his name as “Frances” and Cabinet is misspelled as “cabinate” even in the addressee’s email address. I can’t believe the latter can be right and hence smell a hoax.


  3. I don’t know whether he still is, but Prince Charles is a patron of Common Purpose.


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