Foreign policy

Two dictators, one Libyan and one Russian, walk together

Yesterday Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, in a typical piece of silly, misguided, macho posturing, said that the UN intervention in Libya was analogous to a “mediaeval call for crusades”. Just how […]

Imam Ali Mosque - Shrine of: 1st Shia Imam - Ali ibn Abi Talib; Prophet Adam; Prophet Nuh. (Najaf, Iraq)

Islam is divided into two main denominations, Shia and Sunni, these are fundamentally doctrinally irreconcilable and have a very long history of not liking each other very much. Sunni are […]

Are we going to let Gaddafi win?

At the moment, on the ground, Gaddafi is winning in Libya and is systematically crushing the revolt, aided enormously be the actions and inactions of the West. Firstly why is […]

Hamid Mir interviewing Osama bin Laden for Daily Pakistan in 1997 behind them on the wall is an AK-74 carbine.

Afghanistan is a total mess and we should bring out every British service person today. We are paying billions to support a highly corrupt government and to finance an economy […]

Israel doesn't like democracy

We live in interesting times. Democracy is breaking out where we never thought it could in a popular movement akin to the falling of the wall in Berlin. Amid much […]