Are we going to let Gaddafi win?

Masonic handshake?
Masonic handshake?
Masonic handshake?

At the moment, on the ground, Gaddafi is winning in Libya and is systematically crushing the revolt, aided enormously be the actions and inactions of the West. Firstly why is he winning?:

  • He has many billion of dollars stuffed away in bank accounts all over the world that he can use to pay for mercenaries, political leverage etc etc. We have acted slowly and tardily to freeze these.
  • He has nearly all the military assets, tanks, APCs, ammunition, artillery etc. The West scored a fantastic own goal with an arms embargo that prevents us arming the rebels. Was this deliberate?
  • He has air superiority that allows him to bomb the population as and when he feels like it, which is precisely what he is doing. As I explained in an earlier article we should have destroyed his aircraft on the ground a while ago.
  • The West in general has lost its moral authority to act because of its illegal invasion of Iraq and its idiotic intervention in Afghanistan.
  • Russia and China are unwilling to allow action against tyranny in case it creates a precedent that is used against them.
  • America is unwilling to allow action against tyranny in case it creates a precedent that is used against Saudi Arabia.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan have tied up our military resources. Other world problems like North Korea and the Japanese earthquake also use up our attention and capabilities. We are stretched.
  • Gaddafi is a freemason, so are many Western leaders. It is the sworn fundamental purpose of freemasonry to help brother freemasons before all other duties and responsibilities.

This doesn’t look good for freedom and democracy. If Gaddafi wins it is the end of the freedom movement. Already Bahrain are following his example and the tyrannic dictatorship there are using assault weapons against their own population on a daily basis. So only Egypt and Tunisia will have escaped from oppressive regimes. We will have squandered the whole Berlin Wall moment, the domino effect of lots of countries becoming democratic will have been stopped in its tracks. Maybe this is what some people want.

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