News analysis

Current Labour politics are very interesting indeed, the Brownites have routed the Blairites and put their man, Ed Milliband, in the leader’s chair. However he is proving to be spectacularly […]

Archbishop of Canterbury

Dr Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury is by definition deluded, there is no god. Darwin proved this 150 years ago and scientists ever since have proven it repeatedly. This […]

After Friday prayers the people come onto the streets to demonstrate about their repression. And government forces get on with their job of beating them up, arresting them and killing […]

Well the death of Osama bin Laden has pretty much exposed the weakness and hypocrisy of the al-Qaeda movement. Firstly in bin Laden’s compound they found an extensive stash of […]

So Ed Milliband, completely out of his depth, asked for the resignation of Ken Clarke at Prime Minister’s Question time (PMQ) today. Milliband totally misrepresented Clarke  whilst going for a […]

It has been pointed out on here many times that all our wealth, ultimately, comes from the private sector making profits. Everything else is parasitic on this. So the easier […]