Is freemasonry at the heart of the current scandals?

According to Freemasonry Watch Rupert Murdoch is a freemason. This would not surprise as freemasonry works by recruiting people in positions of power so it follows that journalists and media proprietors would be very high on their list of priorities for membership. Also with immense power are politicians so it is no surprise that both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are often referred to as being members. And of course very large numbers of policemen are members. I was told recently that it is impossible to rise above the rank of Inspector without joining a lodge.

Then look at what becoming a freemason means. Firstly it is secret, so the rest of society doesn’t know what is going on. Secondly freemasons have to swear oaths. These oaths are heart chilling in their power and involve skulls, daggers and coffins. They swear that if they break their oaths their entrails will be spread along the beach! In these oaths they swear that their brother freemasons come before everything else. Before family, before employer, before the law.

The handbook of masonry says: “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations“. So you can never believe anything a freemason says, even if it is under oath.

You can see how the very heart of freemasonry is corruption, which makes its members corrupt. Every time there is a conflict of interest freemasonry comes first. So for many policemen, many politicians and many journalists freemasonry and fellow freemasons are more important than the law of the land. No wonder we have rotten corruption at the very heart of British society.

If a journalist is a freemason and he is interviewing or reporting on a fellow freemason it is obvious that he is going to do the job differently. Likewise a policeman applying the law or a politician wielding power. At the moment all these people know that they are above the law. And it is all secret.

The whole hacking scandal that is unravelling at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just one small symptom of the cancer of freemasonry that pervades British society. Once you know that it is there you can see it in so many things. Going after Murdoch and a few bent coppers will not fix the problem. What we need is the following:

  • Policemen absolutely forbidden to be freemasons. The conflict of interests is too great. This should be made a criminal offence.
  • All elected politicians both lo0cal and national should state on their member’s interests whether or not they are freemasons. This should also go on every ballot paper.
  • Every media outlet to list all their journalists, stating their freemasonry status.
  • All people in senior public office, the IPCC, judges, senior civil servants etc forced to publicly state their membership status.

Unless this is done the same problems will be there as a cancer just rotting the heart of our establishment, eroding our laws and eroding our democracy.

If you want to get a further idea about how powerful, pervasive and corrupt freemasonry is then read “The Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight.


  1. Here is an interesting take on events:


    Last month, The Guardian reported that private investigator Jonathan Rees earned $225,000 a year doing Murdoch’s dirty work:

    “Years ago, Jonathan Rees became a Freemason. According to journalists and investigators who worked with him, he then exploited his link with the lodges to meet masonic police officers who illegally sold him information which he peddled to Fleet Street.

    “As one of Britain’s most prolific merchants of secrets, Rees expanded his network of sources by recruiting as his business partner Sid Fillery, a detective sergeant from the Metropolitan Police. Fillery added more officers to their network. Rees also boasted of recruiting corrupt Customs officers, a corrupt VAT inspector and two corrupt bank employees.

    “… The Guardian has confirmed that Rees reinforced his official contacts with two specialist ‘blaggers’ who would telephone the Inland Revenue, the DVLA, banks and phone companies and trick them into handing over private data.

    “…An investigator who worked for Rees claims he was also occasionally commissioning burglaries of public figures to steal material for newspapers. Southern Investigations has previously been implicated in handling paperwork that was stolen by a professional burglar from the safe of Paddy Ashdown’s lawyer, when Ashdown was leader of the Liberal Democrats. The paperwork, which was eventually obtained by the News of the World, recorded Ashdown discussing his fears that newspapers might expose an affair with his secretary.

    “…Targeting the Bank of England, Rees is believed to have earned thousands of pounds by penetrating the past or present mortgage accounts of the then governor, Eddie George; his deputy, Mervyn King, who is now governor; and half-a-dozen other members of the Monetary Policy Committee.

    “Rees carried out his trade for years. His career as a pedlar of privacy stretches back into the 1990s, when he worked assiduously for the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and the News of the World.”


  2. Better still than “The Brotherhood” is “Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr. Stanley Monteith – now that does give you some details!


  3. You might be interested to know that the Norwegian mass murderer was a Freemason.


  4. Is it true that Freemasons believe it is okay to kill? Would explain Breivik’s lack of remorse. MI6 are full of them for that reason. Could Breivik be a mind controlled slave? How can we ever know the answers to these questions if the Masons are in on the act and have power to suppress the truth in the media and everywhere else?


  5. Err, I was a Freemason for a while, about 3 months, and there was nothing in it about being allowed to kill. Quite the opposite, you had to be a person of good standing in society to join, had to believe in a higher power/god. I knew of at least one member who was thrown out of his lodge when it was discovered that he had been caught not paying his taxes.

    Yes, there was some dire warning about what would happen if a member revealed anything secret about the society but those were followed up by a chuckle and a laugh, “but we don’t do that any more”.

    Anyway, it wasn’t for me. Silly things like calling the guy in charge “worshipful master” annoyed me and I didn’t like the pomp and ceremony.

    I don’t doubt that members of the society give each other preferential treatment but then so would the members of any club. Deals done on the gold course? They’re not supposed to break the law but there are corrupt and evil people everywhere.


    1. @Donncha

      That utterly and presumably deliberately misses the point completely.
      Freemasons are honour bound by their blood vows to look after their brother masons before all else. Before family, before employer etc.
      So there are obvious conflicts of interest and thus corruption. Does a Freemason give a contract to a fellow Freemason or a non Freemason who is cheaper. Obviously he gives it to his brother Freemason, thus fiddling his boss. Extrapolate this throughout British life and you can see the problem.


  6. I agree fully with Donncha. I’m a Mason and we laugh at all this. Our Moto is, ‘Taking over the world, one cup of coffee at a time.’ Unless you have gone thru the 3 degrees you have no idea what goes on. And as far as protecting your Brothers above all. Wrong. And the Lodge makes you put your family above the Lodge. You are looked down apon if you neglect your family for the Masons. When ever an Officers name is printed in any Masonic mailing, his wifes name is printed after his. Because the Masons are built on families.
    Us Masons love guys like you because you keep us in power. Thank you


  7. The question is – what was its origin?

    Freemasonry aspires to an evil entity of ancient Egypt.

    An ancient religion / cult – but hang on, its 2012.

    Now, certain impulses of a very negative effect, have been banished from the earth( egypt ). These impulses found their source at this evil entity. So, up until the 70’s, freemasons also had a ‘helping hand’. Now they know ( loss of impulses ) that the human spirit is waking up. Beyond christianity and the corrupt popes. Beyond evil itself, which freemasonry is trying to sustain.

    But, they know they will fail due to people waking up to the truth.

    Just a matter of time folks. People just need to research history.

    I suggest, each capital city builds a special ‘bloodline zoo’.
    I have all the details as to its layout and workings.

    Only top level freemasons and knowing members of this bloodline will remain here. Women seperated from men. No continuation allowed inside the zoo. This will remove the DNA ( dangerous ) in full.
    This zoo shall stand as deterent to others who may consider such ancient evil practices.



  8. “freemasonry works by recruiting people in positions of power”

    Not really people join them not the other way around.


    1. My friends who are in or have been in positions of power have been invited.


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