Eastern Orthodox monastery in Greece

As I have said repeatedly on here the financial “rescue” of Greece a year ago looks like some sort of joke and was inevitably going to end in tears. It […]

And still the world sits on its collective hands. Tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of people have taken, bravely, to the streets again to protest at their lack of basic […]

The above video gives you an idea just how brutal the regime is, using massively excessive force against their own people to retain undemocratic power. Amazingly the barbaric regime is […]

Europe rescues Portugal. Ha ha ha

So the rich countries in the Europe are once again riding to the rescue of a country that has behaved very badly. Portugal’s problems are structural, their economy is uncompetitive […]

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was just as much “made in America” as a Chevrolet Corvette is. He was a product of the proxy war that America ran […]

Remote controlled, UAV

Mission creep seems to be inevitable in any military venture, the Americans sent a few military advisers to Vietnam and ended up in a long and bloody war, we went […]