Far, far worse than any banker

Now some envious souls might not like it that bankers get paid a lot of money, but they only receive a fraction of what they earn for their employers and thus for the wealth of UK plc. Overall they have a massive positive effect on the quality of all our lives.

Compare and contrast this with two huge failures. To protect their identity from shame and opprobrium we will merely call them TB and GB. Together, by profligate spending and ineptitude, they managed to leave the country with a trillion pounds of debt (a trillion is a number with 13 digits in it), hardly surprising when they spent £226 billion under PFI to buy just £56 billion’s worth of schools and hospitals and when the spending of several government ministries was out of control. Against this background it is to be expected that the lives of ordinary people have been damaged, and so it is with real average household income being reduced for five consecutive years whilst the country was under their mismanagement. The British people have suffered badly from what these two have done and will continue to suffer for years ahead with the taxes necessary for paying interest on the debt and paying the debt off.

You would expect such failures to spend the rest of their days flipping burgers at McDonalds, or enjoying Her Majesty’s pleasure for starting an illegal war. But no, somehow gullible people are willing to pay a lot of money to listen to what theses two have to say. Presumably so they know to do the opposite of what they are told.

TB is said to be earning £12 million a year. As the good socialist he is you would expect him to give the bulk of this to charity wouldn’t you? Fat chance. With this much money you would expect him to pay for his own limo and his own bodyguard, wouldn’t you. Fat chance. The ordinary hard working people of Britain pay for these with their taxes.

GB is also travelling the world making speeches for big money. He was paid £62,181 for just four hours work making a speech in Nigeria, £37,047 for just two and a half hours work making a speech in Delhi and is receiving £71,544 for just two weeks work a year for New York University. At the same time as all this jet setting he has written a book, so you would hardly expect that he would have the time to also take on the onerous job of a constituency MP. Yet there he is drawing £65,738 a year of hard working tax payers money to represent the people of the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency. Now you may say that this is their fault for voting him in, but it is the population at large who are paying the salary.

So next time you hear a socialist politician or the BBC running down the bankers spare a moment of thought to how TB and GB have behaved.

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  1. Hi bruce.

    I was wondering if you could say a bit more about the bit about how banker’s are having a positive effect. The news says all the time how their badguys, so i;m really interested to here your take on that.



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