Why socialism is evil #6, they pretend to be nice

This is one of the biggest con tricks of all time, the socialists in all their spin present themselves as “nice” and “caring” and the opposition parties as being nasty and uncaring. When any simple look at the facts shows the exact opposite to be true. For starters, during the last ten years of Labour government, even whilst the world economy was booming, the real average family take home pay in the UK went down every single year. The last Labour government steadily eroded the quality of life of tens of millions of people. And that is supposed to be nice?

Labour’s socialist dogma means they take from the rich (anyone with a job) and give to the poor (those who don’t want a job). This is called redistribution and it is meant to be caring. So someone who slaves away 40 hours every week in an averagely paid job is having their hard earned money taken off them to pay for a feckless dependency single mother living in social housing with everything paid for by the state who will get pregnant repeatedly purely to top up her benefits. And this is supposed to be nice?

The UK has a disproportionate amount of child poverty and the reason why is simple. Poor people on dependency culture have more children as an income source whilst richer people (those with jobs) can’t afford to have children because they are being taxed so much. So the Labour policy just creates more and more children in poverty. And this is supposed to be nice?

The UK has a working population of well under 40 million yet under Labour the number on disability benefits rose to nearly 3 million. So around one in 13 of the working age population was supposedly so disabled that they couldn’t work! Impossible. Now obviously there are genuine claimants but it is also obvious that the majority aren’t. So once again hard working people are having their taxes taken off them to be given to people who can’t be bothered to work. And this is supposed to be nice?

Further examples of nastiness are the sub standard heath care and education that they force on the British people. With education I have previously pointed out that purely due to dogma they got rid of grammar schools thus preventing gifted children from disadvantaged households from improving themselves. But there is worse. About one in five of the adult UK population is functionally illiterate. This is difficult to believe and is due purely to the gross failure of our socialist education system. Plenty of third world countries do better. And this is supposed to be nice?

But of course the big one is the economy. Socialism, nationalisation and the unions have destroyed our industry and destroyed our economy, repeatedly. If we still had our manufacturing with high productivity and competitiveness, just as the Germans have, added to the vast wealth that the City of London brings to this country every year, added to the bonanza that has been offshore oil and gas we would be amongst the very richest people on earth. Instead we are 20th in the world pecking order with a GDP per capita of around $35,000 PA. Just for comparison Singapore is $57,000, Norway $52,000, USA $47,000 and Hong Kong $45,000, and remember most of these countries have far lower tax than we do. Is making us all so much poorer supposed to be nice?

So next time you hear a Labour politician playing the “nice” and “caring” card remember that the facts say they are the exact opposite.

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