Legalise prostitution

Julia Roberts plays a prostitute in the film Pretty Woman

It is pretty uncivilised that unliberated, Victorian, repressive and prudish legislation is still enforced in this country, whilst in more enlightened countries with the legacy of our legal code, like Australia and New Zealand, commercial sex has been legalised. It is also strange that prostitution has been made illegal here by criminalising all the activities around it, such as soliciting, kerb crawling, keeping a brothel, pimping and pandering, instead of making the act itself illegal.

If a lady wants to charge for sex then she should be allowed to, it is none of the state’s business to try and prevent her.

Legalising prostitution would have the following advantages:

  • The state would be able to collect income tax (and even VAT from very successful girls) from licensed sex workers.
  • Regular health checks would be part of the licensing regime.
  • Nuisance prostitution would move away from residential areas.
  • It would be easier to control under-age, illegal immigrant and enforced prostitution.
  • Organised crime would be less likely to be involved in the business.
  • Feminists would be happy because the current laws repress women.
  • It would free up police time to go after the leftie “anarchists” who periodically run amok in London.
  • The state would be handing rights back to people that they shouldn’t have taken away in the first place.
  • Socially dysfunctional men would have a sexual outlet.
  • No more criminalising of women who are not criminals.

We are one of the few western democracies that still tries to repress the world’s oldest profession. The example of many other countries tells us that we are doing more harm than good, the current situation is just plain silly.

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