Crass stupidity of union protest in London

Left wing protestor attacks policeman

This is a logo for 2011 anti-cuts protest in London.Firstly they are against “cuts”. What alternatives are there for the government? Borrow even more money and throw it away in profligate spending like Gordon Brown did? How much debt do they want to hang round our children’s necks? How much interest do they want us to pay on loans each year (this is already costing about the same as education costs in this country)? The Labour opposition and the protesters have come up with no viable alternative course of government action, because there isn’t one.

The march organisers must have known that it would end up as a pitched battle against the police on the streets of London. It was obvious from the internet well before the event that this was going to happen. So the BBC and other left wing media trying to dissociate the violence from the main protest are being somewhat disingenuous.

It is sweetly ironic that the lunatic fringe call themselves “anarchists”. They should buy themselves a dictionary. Anarchists believe there should be no state, so how can they protest about a state that is becoming smaller?

The left are still blaming Margaret Thatcher for everything, over 20 years after she left office. This is a massive compliment to her and her huge success at bringing the destructive unions under control. It also demonstrates that the left have no grasp of what the real problem is. They should look in a mirror to find out.

The rabble targeted Fortnum and Mason as part of their class war. How stupid can you get? It is owned by Wittington Investments Ltd, who in turn are 79.2% owned by Garfield Weston Foundation which is a grant giving charity.

Ed Milliband used Martin Luther King as a reference in his speech. How do a few much needed cuts in public spending compare with the lynchings of black people in the American south? He obviously has no sense of proportion and is thus unfit to have power.

Why were these people not marching and protesting against Gordon Brown when he was getting the country into this mess? That was something that was well worth protesting about.

I could go on but it is patently obvious that these people weren’t very clever. The upside is that presumably it took a pile of money out of union coffers to organise it all and pay for the transport.

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  1. And the TUC were complicit in another way. They now appear to be spinning the news to make it appear to the public that all the violence happened _after_ the march. But that’s not true. Look at the blow-by-blow Telegraph reporting stream – the anarchists clearly and repeatedly used the march as “cover”, causing mayhem in the sidestreets and then blending back into the march. The police said as much during the march. Yet the TUC stewards obviously took no action against them at such times, despite their identifiability via all-black clothes and anarchist banners/placards.


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