Ed Milliband, a great asset for the Tories

So Ed Milliband, completely out of his depth, asked for the resignation of Ken Clarke at Prime Minister’s Question time (PMQ) today. Milliband totally misrepresented Clarke  whilst going for a soundbite headline and ended up scoring a spectacular own goal. Time after time he gets out of his depth and proves that Labour really have no ambitions of returning to power in the foreseeable future. Milliband got elected as the trade union poodle which is increasingly looking like the limit of his abilities.

Meanwhile Ken Clarke as a highly experienced liberal Tory minister is doing a magnificent job of penal reform in this country. Something that is long overdue and which is a typical excellent move by this reformist government.

If Milliband continues at this rate there won’t be a viable Labour party. Good.


  1. Telegraph:

    However, leaving for work this morning, he insisted he was simply explaining a “long-standing factual situation”.

    He said: “I’ve always said that all rape is serious and I’ve no intention of changing the sentencing guidelines on rape, which always attracts serious imprisonment, quite rightly.

    “Different rapes get different lengths of sentences from judges and always have, and they now follow sentencing guidelines which explain the different degrees of sentences.

    “If I caused genuine offence to anybody by explaining that long-standing factual situation, then I must have made a very poor choice of words, so I will try to choose my words more carefully in the future.”


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