Should Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell etc be in prison?

Obviously I am talking about the Iraq war here, the dodgy dossier and all the prevarication, equivocation and deceit that was used. Not to mention the freemason’s solidarity that probably had a lot to do with the war in the first place. And the small matter of several hundred thousand innocent people killed because of a probably illegal war propagated by just two people.

In freemasonry the bottom 3 grades are for the pawns of the organisation, such as the policemen. Above this are a further 30, more secret, invitation only grades. These are for the very rich and the very powerful to “help” each other and advance their causes ahead of non freemasons. Tony Blair is allegedly a 33 level freemason and a member of the 1591 Studholme lodge. George W Bush is also alleged to be a 33 level freemason and a member of The Order of the Skull and Bones. So it is hardly surprising that these men with supposedly opposite political views got on so well together.

The whole crux of freemasonry is that a member has to put fellow members before everything else. Before family, before employer, before the law, before religion and in the case of politicians before voters. This obligation is reinforced in many rituals and with many blood curling oaths. So when George W Bush decided to invade Iraq Tony Blair was left with no alternative but to join in. Presuming that they both are 33 level freemasons.

The problem that Tony Blair had was that there was no reason whatsoever for the UK to invade Iraq, so to do his masonic duty he had to make one up. Hence the dodgy dossier and the economy with the truth that were used to get us involved. And he knew that he could get away with it because most of the criminal justice system in Britain is dominated by freemasons and they would be obliged by their oaths to support him.

So now we have the Chilcot inquiry with witnesses like Clare Short saying that Blair lied to get us into the war. And the bombshell that Major General Michael Laurie, the MoD’s senior intelligence official, has written to the enquiry telling them that Alistair Campbell (Blair’s mouthpiece) had lied to them about the dodgy dossier.

It looks to me that we have a straightforward battle here with the truth Vs freemason solidarity. It will be very interesting to see which comes out on top. Also I wonder if I had done the sort of things that Blair allegedly has would I still have my freedom.


  1. This “free sharing” of infaormtion seems too good to be true. Like communism.


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