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Attorney General Dominic Grieve says that he would take action if he thought it necessary against individuals who use internet sites to undermine the rule of law. By which he means individuals who publish the truth. But in saying this he exposes his total lack of understanding of how the interwebs work. He thinks that because everything connected to the web has an IP (Internet Protocol) address that the police can just rock up with an arrest warrant as if it is a physical address. How wrong he is.

You can access the internet anonymously quite easily by going to an internet cafe. Or by taking your laptop or smartphone to a bar or cafe with WiFi. Or even by using any random unprotected internet connection you come across whilst sitting on a park bench. (Make sure you have every other application in your computer closed, though).  Then the lawyers can injunct as much as they want because all they are doing is wasting their client’s money.

The easiest way to publish is to add comments to blogs, just like this one. There are tens of millions of them so you can very easily find blog articles on the right subject to add your comments to. Just use Google blog search (under “others” at the top of the search page) or Technorati.

The comments page will ask for your name, type in “Mickey Mouse” or “Ryan Giggs” or “David Eady” or whatever takes your fancy. Then it will ask you for your email address, type in “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” or whatever. Then it will usually ask for your website url, here you can just type in https://www.bruceonpolitics.com !!!

Now type in your text, then copy it. Press enter then move on to the next blog article and do exactly the same, pasting in your text each time. In an hour you can have your text published anonymously in the comments section of over 100 blogs, the expensive lawyers won’t be able to remove that very easily.

To make sure that your comments are found you need to put all the relevant key words in, most prominent people and lawyers like Schillings (hi guys) use Google Alerts to tell them every time their name comes up on the web.

Try and avoid posting on sites that are hosted in the UK, the expensive solicitors have a nasty habit of sending dire threatening letters (presumably they learn the technique in their masonic rituals) to the web host telling them that they are the publisher and hence are liable. Hosts tend to instantly remove the material without even referring to the author. This is how rich people censor the truth out of the internet. This is also why this blog is not hosted in this country. For the same reason avoid websites that are controlled from the UK, I can be threatened for anything you post in the comments here. Far better to post to US sites, they have a fundamental human right called free speech, enshrined by the first amendment of the American Constitution so will just ignore threatening letters from expensive London solicitors.

Of course you can do far more effective online publishing if you have an email address. So it is back to the internet cafe or wherever you use the web anonymously and do a search for “anonymous email” and set yourself up with an account. You can then use this to create a hotmail or gmail account. The solicitors really have zero chance of finding you now.

With your new anonymous email identity you can start a free blog on Google Blogger or WordPress, then you can write as many articles as you want without anyone being able to find out that it is you. Obviously you can open and use a Facebook and Twitter account. You can even start a free discussion forum on somewhere like Proboards for like-minded people to also have their say. Just set it up so you don’t have to be a member to post and then everyone can join in from the internet cafe without needing an email address and with zero possibility of having their identity discovered.

So we can have free speech in this country despite the ridiculous laws and despite whatever the judges and Dominic Grieve say.

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