God botherer bothers the coalition

Archbishop of Canterbury
God botherer

Dr Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury is by definition deluded, there is no god. Darwin proved this 150 years ago and scientists ever since have proven it repeatedly. This delusion continued yesterday with him criticising the fairly timid reforms being instituted by the current UK government “for which no one voted”. Perhaps he should consider the following:

  • Every British voter is represented by an MP, who they can talk to. It is called democracy.
  • The majority of those who voted in Britain voted either Conservative or Lib Dem at the last election. A huge mandate.
  • How many people went to a Church of England church service last Sunday? A small and dwindling mandate.
  • The reforms are to get the country out of the enormous hole Gordon Brown dropped us into with his immense ineptitude. There is no alternative.
  • Coalition governments cannot carry out their manifesto pledges, it is the nature of the beast. It happens all over the world but coalitions are rare here so we are not used to it.
  • They should kick the god botherers out of the House of Lords, they have no mandate to be there.

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