Ed Balls, what a nice man

Current Labour politics are very interesting indeed, the Brownites have routed the Blairites and put their man, Ed Milliband, in the leader’s chair. However he is proving to be spectacularly ineffective and obviously must be removed before Labour face their next general election, otherwise it will be a Conservative rout. Now the prospect of Labour continuing to decline is very appealing to anyone who has seen the immense damage they have done to this country through a mixture of their misplaced socialist dogma and their gross ineptitude. But will the party let it happen?

It looks just now like there is a lot of jockeying going on in the Labour party as to who will replace Ed Milliband. Ed Balls has ruthlessly manoeuvred himself to be the top Brownite candidate and this is not something the Blairites like or want. So it is hardly surprising that a whole pile of documents that incriminate Balls have been leaked to the Daily Telegraph. The Blairites obviously want him to become damaged goods.

Of course from a human personality, loyalty and morality point of view it was despicable that whilst Tony Blair was Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party there was a cabal of his own colleagues seeking actively to undermine him and stab him in the back. Obviously we know that they succeeded and a truly terrible Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was replaced with an even worse Prime Minister in Gordon Brown, possibly the most financially inept Chancellor of the Exchequer in history. Just look at the immense financial hole that he has dropped this country into.

Personally I am enjoying seeing Ed Balls being hung out to dry, it couldn’t happen to a nicer man.


  1. This is looking more and more like a concerted Blairite campaign ahead of a leadership campaign.
    David Milliband’s leadership election victory speech (obviously never used) has been leaked to and published by the Guardian. This is a deliberate move to put David Milliband back in the public eye and in a very good light indeed. The speech is really statesmanlike and is a huge contrast to the current Ed Milliband dsisaster. Read it here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/jun/10/david-miliband-speech-that-never-was
    The timing is just perfect to ferment during the silly season and put Ed in a very difficult position when conference comes around.


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