Tottenham riots

Tottenham is a poor, socially deprived area in London where one of the key mechanisms of upwards social mobility is dealing in illegal recreational drugs. People who engage in this business commonly carry a firearm in order to protect their investment and they go about their business largely untroubled by the forces of law and order. So bad did things become that Operation Trident was set up to try and keep some sort of lid on things, but still drugs are openly traded and firearms are openly carried.

On Thursday evening last week police from Operation Trident shot and killed Mark Duggan, his family and activists wanted instant answers as to what had happened, which of course is impossible, ballistics and forensics take a long time to come up with their results. This didn’t stop them protesting, something the police did not react well to. So a riot sparked off. Most of the rioters are just out of control kids from single parent families (the product of socialist dependency culture) who have no sense of responsibility and who see it as a bit of fun. And of course opportunistic sociopaths who see it as a chance for some looting. So there are all sorts of people with all sorts of agendas.

One thing the police do in major incidents is to spread disinformation, to ensure that their message is widely disseminated before the criminal justice system tries to find out what really happened. When they shot and killed the totally innocent Jean Charles de Menezes they told a pack of lies to explain what they had done. The same happened when Ian Tomlinson, again totally innocent, was killed by the police. In another case the Operation Trident police arrested a vintage gun collector called Mick Shepherd and stories were spread that his guns had been linked to a number of murders and that the police had uncovered a huge gun smuggling racket, yet he was totally innocent. So we have reached the stage where nobody believes the police. Especially as the people who spread the lies always go unpunished when you would think perhaps that they are maybe trying to pervert the course of justice.

And so it is with the death of Mark Duggan, the police initially intimated that he had fired a weapon and that the bullet from it has lodged in a policeman’s radio. Now they are saying that the bullet in the radio came from another policeman. So it is starting to look like Duggan maybe did not fire a weapon at all. Obviously in investigating this freemasonry will take no part and the IPCC will get the whole truth.

Meanwhile, as usual, the leftie noodle knitters are blaming it on anyone in society who is better off than them, rather than the real culprits. They think society is about apportioning blame rather than taking responsibility. And here is a typical stupid outpouring: “The kids in Tottenham can see their future. It’s that of a neo-feudal slave-labour underclass, with rapidly-closing escape hatches that dwindle in number every day, and with what little they have now being taken away from them to feed the rich, because a capitalist economy only works – CAN only work – if the rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer. (Next time you see someone on the news talking about “growth”, that’s what they mean.) Blair and Brown’s perverted, sick mockery of Labour disguised the truth for a few years with borrowing, to finish Thatcher’s work by ensuring the new middle class grew large enough to become self-perpetuating, but now even the pretend money has run out.”

So there are a lot of groups of people involved here with widely differing agendas. From the do gooder community groups and social workers, through the marxist bloggers and the pinko BBC and Guardian, the disinforming police, politicians who are all trying to make political capital, opportunistic looters, sociopathic yobs, the hang ’em Daily Mail brigade and many more. So we will never know what is actually happening.

But there is one thing that is for sure, that in less than 12 months we will be hosting the Summer Olympic games in London in venues fairly close to where this rioting has been. Today the organisers of this event, both national and local politicians and the police must be wetting their collective pants. If we have a repeat of the current situation next year with the eyes of the world firmly on us and with London full to the gills with tourists it will do the country enduring harm.

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