London is burning, how did this happen?

Looters stole the clothes off this lady.
Looter displays his loot on FaceBook

Looter with television

The morning after the riots.
What socialism has done for Britain.

Watching the riots on the rolling news channels a number of things were extremely obvious. Most of the criminal rioters were black, most of them were teenagers and most of them were male. These violent children are the products of the welfare state, their morals and attitudes were shaped during the last Labour governments. They are Blair’s and Brown’s children.

We live in a socialist society where working for a living is entirely optional. Where having children is seen merely as a way of increasing state handouts. And where being a single parent is vastly more profitable than having a partner. The result is a dependency underclass. The children have no morals or discipline whatsoever. They are just feckless, dissolute, feral criminals who think that it is fun to trash the community that they live in. Thank you Blair and Brown.

The rolling BBC news was just awful. They kept calling these rioting, destructive criminals names like “demonstrators” and “protesters” when it was transparently clear that they weren’t (this had absolutely nothing to do with Mark Duggan). They were just an out of control looting and pillaging mob. Also the Beeb had commentary from a succession of leftie activists of various sorts who were basically just apologists for the mob. Blaming the criminality on everyone except the criminals.

The Metropolitan Police were also just awful. Each criminal mob was very small, just hundreds of people at most. And the Met has 52,000 employees and an extra 3,000 special constables. Yet they stood by and watched as flagrant destruction and pillage happened just yards away from them. They didn’t get stuck in. Presumably their senior management can’t tell the difference between a genuine demonstration and an out of control criminal mob. Also the police were outflanked by technology, both new and old.

The new technology is the flash mob, this has only been around since 2003 so is too bleeding edge for the police to know about it. Basically it involves using the interwebs to create an instant crowd with a common purpose. Our feral rioters were using the mobile interwebs to give them greater tactical control than the police had. The second technology was the bicycle, a device that emerged from Coventry in 1885. The criminal mob were using these to give themselves great tactical mobility, faster than policemen on the ground and able to go places that police vehicles can’t. And of course most of the rioters aren’t old enough to drive cars.

The police obviously need better judgement about when and how to act. Killing Ian Tomlinson when he wasn’t even a demonstrator and had done nothing wrong showed one extreme of their ineptitude. Failing to prevent vast amounts of criminal activity last night was the other extreme. Also they need better resources. Water cannons, teargas, rubber bullets, Tasers and mace should have been used last night and weren’t. It is the polices job to maintain law and order and they didn’t. If they need bigger toys to do their job then they should have them. As long as they learn to use them responsibly.

Now there will be much wringing of hands by the do gooders in the Guardian and on the BBC about re-building bridges between communities and other such utter rubbish. What we really need is to get rid of the dependency culture and its attendant feral, feckless underclass and to have a police force who can actually do their job and maintain law and order.

Meanwhile will the Notting Hill Carnival be allowed to happen on August 28th and 29th? Just now it is looking like this could end up being the biggest riot in British history. The criminal youth in London are out of control and the police seem to be incapable of bringing that control back.


  1. Rubber bullets and teargas be damned. Looters should be shot with live ammo.


  2. A Met police inspector said: “The people who were out on the streets looting, are the people we’ve been arresting time and time again and have been in front of the courts and walked. This is happening as a result of our failure of instilling disclipine.”‘


  3. Bruce,

    You make a seemingly abstract, ill informed and juxtaposed assertion that “Most of the criminal rioters were black” What exactly is the point you are making with that statement and how did you reach that conclusion? I would like a rational and verifiable answer please. From what your write, it appears you are just the other side of the rioting equation.


    PS: I am very black (verifiable) and never once considered rioting (a psychologist could probably verify that too). Perhaps there is something wrong with me.


    1. Like I said, from the rolling media when I wrote that on the 9th most of the rioters visible in the pictures, on the television and in the posted YouTube videos were black. That is a fact.
      It is worth noting that 2% of the British population is black. What percentage of the people appearing in court at the moment for rioting offences are black?
      Look at this:
      And this:
      And this:
      There are loads more that support what I wrote.

      Also just because most of the rioters were black it does not mean that all blacks are rioters. Just that some are. Just as some white people are also rioters.


  4. It’s a fact that you mentioned colour, and that’s about where the “facts” end.

    Also, if you are the Bruce Everiss that I suspect you are, isn’t it true that you were part of Imagine Software; the PR Manager, in fact? That company went bust, partly due to your over hyping and promises of software/hardware (Megagames) that never appeared, and left huge unpaid debts to many magazines and distributers. Just another kind of theft, in my book, and theft that you, in part, are responsible for.


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