Police pictures of criminal scum who they are after

So a few hundred feral criminal youths did tens of millions of pounds worth of damage and destroyed many homes and businesses. They should be punished and the Met has released these pictures to aid in their arrest. Please disseminate them as widely as possible, we want this scum locked up.

Rioting scum
WestNorwood.Image 5: An image of a male joining the group wearing a blue Nike hooded top and red face scarf.


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 14 - 02:40:23hrs 9 August: two males stealing from a jewellers in Church Road


Criminal scum
WestNorwood.Image 4:


Looting scum
WestNorwood.Image 3: A group of eight males entering the shop. Note the male in the Stone Island hooded jacket, blue Nike tracksuit bottoms and blue face scarf.


Thieving scum
WestNorwood.Image 1: A male in a grey Nike hooded top with red draw strings and the number "87" on his back. This male is later involved in a burglary.


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 25 - 22:45:26hrs 8 August: a female wearing a vest top who has just carried items from Richer Sounds.


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 24 - 22:42:20hrs 8 August: two female suspects entering Richer Sounds, South End, Croydon


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 22 - 22:41:52hrs 8 August: a shaven headed male who enters Richer Sounds, South End, Croydon


Looting scum
Croydon/Image 15 - 02:40:58hrs 9 August: one of the males shown in 'Image 12' carrying a large amount of jewellery from the jewellers in Church Road


Looter scum
Croydon.Image 13 - 02:47:52hrs on 9 August: a male with black hooded coat entering a jewellers in Church Road, Croydon


Scum looter
Croydon.Image 12 - 01:34:23hrs 9 August: a male with grey hooded top and black body warmer about to enter Cash Plus in Thornton Heath


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 10 - 21:42:08hrs 8 August: a male outside a jewellers shop in London Road about to enter shop


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 2 - 21:45:55hrs 8 August: a facial shot of a female in a crowd of other looters outside PC World in Purley Way


Looting scum
Croydon.Image 1 - 21:45hrs 8 August: Two females outside PC World on Purley Way. These females entered the store after it had been broken in to.


WestNorwood.Image 2: A group of eight males gathering outside the shop. A distinctive male in a white and red Adidas logo on his chest can be seen.

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  1. This is good: http://catchalooter.tumblr.com/

    Collating all images of looters from the londonriots. Get me on @CatchaLooter. If you recognise anyone, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. This site does not support vigilante action; merely using social media to collate all images in one place.


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