Copycat trouble spreads round Britain. Here are the solutions.

All this trouble happening round Britain at the moment is just a relatively small number of  feral children having summer fun. The mainstream media have gradually cottoned on to the fact that it is not a demonstration or a protest. Even the BBC has given up trying to claim that it is.

There seem to be three kinds of child involved:

  • Criminal gang members. Mostly known to the police and mainly from either single parent households or from parents with sociopathic and criminal tendencies. These are the utter scum of our society and will go on to lead a life of criminality costing normal law abiding people a fortune. When they are caught it will make no difference to their lives, it is just an occupational hazard. They will, at the cost of the state, have children who follow in their footsteps. Generation after generation of dependency culture criminal parasites.
  • Opportunists with low morals. There are lots of these in the world, badly brought up with no sense of right and wrong. They are easily led and are piggy backing the riots to do a bit of looting. Many of these people have jobs or are in full time education. When they are caught it will massively screw up their lives.
  • Spectators. Lots of people are on the street to see this for themselves. Unfortunately an opportunistic looting opportunity may tempt them and bring disaster to their lives.

The numbers involved are very small indeed, only occasionally getting over 100 in any one incident. London is a lot quieter now, not because of the increased police numbers, but because most of the troublemakers have been caught and locked up. Many of them are well known to the police so will be picked out of the CCTV footage very quickly. Other cities will become quieter as their gangs of feral louts get locked up.

Like the Arab Spring this whole summer riot season was enabled by the smartphone, it would not have been possible two years ago. What we are seeing are Flash Mobs, the mainstream media don’t seem to have caught on to what these are yet. And of course the technology that the feckless youths use to become rioters and looters can be used against them with flash mob vigilantes. We saw a little bit of this last night with various soccer supporters, community and religious groups taking to the street. This is the ultimate in libertarianism, in the absence of an effective state the individual will empower themselves to deliver the services they need. In this case law and order. And of course they will do a better job than the state can.

Around the whole of Britain the police have probably arrested about 1,000 people. Over the next couple of weeks they will use CCTV and press footage to get a lot more. Over interviews they will implicate more. In the end the police will catch most of the culprits. Because their criminality happened in a riot it is considered particularly bad by the law so there will be a lot of custodial sentences handed out. And quite right too. This will just be further training and bragging rights for the feral criminal underclass. But for the opportunists it will come as a massive shock and maybe will teach them to lead better lives.

So what is the answer to this problem that we have?:

  • Remove children’s “rights” that prevent them from being disciplined. The lefties have created a social framework where many children don’t know right from wrong and who go unpunished when they misbehave. Parents, teachers and the police must be given back the powers to control young people.
  • Having babies must no longer be an available cash generator for the dependency underclass. Single mothers should be put in dormitories when they come to the state for support. The current socialist policy of giving them a fully fitted apartment and lots of money each week just encourages them to create more babies who will be a future liability to society. We are paying taxes to create a feckless, criminal, dependency underclass.
  • Parents and legal guardians should be liable, under criminal law, for the actions of the children they have charge over. If the parents of each looting child were fined £5,000 or given a month in prison the looting would stop pretty quickly. Parents must take responsibility for the children that they bring into the world.
  • All recreational drugs should be legalised. The whole criminal culture in certain communities is based around the trade in illegal drugs, take that trade away from them and you take away the criminal activities. This is exactly what happened at the end of prohibition in America. And remember that the worst recreational drug of all, tobacco, is already legal.
  • Create a law to empower civilian vigilantes in riot situations. They will react far more quickly and far more effectively than the police.
  • Introduce workfare for the unemployed and get rid of job seekers allowance. This will force a whole change of culture among the dissolute dependency underclass.

What we don’t want is more police, they have been part of the problem with heavy handed methods including rampant stop and search activity. Also prosecuting very young people for minor crimes so they become criminalised early in their lives which just pushes them into a life of crime.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the criminal rioters are Blair’s and Brown’s children. They are the consequence of stupid socialist policies driven by dogma instead of practical reality. Throwing money at child poverty, for instance, creates more child poverty as becoming pregnant is seen as a good way to get an income without working. And the kind of mother who thinks that it is a good idea to be a parasite on the state is hardly likely to instil good morals in her children.

The truth of the matter is that we are reaping the consequences of having created a feral, criminal, dependency underclass. We need to take away the welfare state that created and sustains this. Deliberately not working must no longer be a viable career choice.


  1. “Create a law to empower civilian vigilantes in riot situations. They will react far more quickly and far more effectively than the police.”

    I’m sorry, but this is a horrendously bad idea. The day we have Vigilante groups on the streets is the day these pseudo-riots turn into actual conflicts. Have you seen the kids interviewed on the news? Whilst some are actually putting together coherent (if over-simplified) arguments, many of them are essentially ‘rebels without a cause’ – typical Harry Enfield angry teen. They’re angry over nothing in particular, and vigilante groups will just exacerbate the problem, as they’ll actually have something to fight against.

    As well as this, like it or not, police know what they’re doing. They have months, if not years, of training in the law, communication and interaction with citizens, whether they are lawbreaking or not. If you start putting everyday ‘Average Joes’ on the streets, they’ll do what they think is right, based on their own opinion or group mentality. If, in their mind, they need to beat the living hell out of a 12 year old kid who’s grabbed a toaster, they’ll do it. All hell would break loose.

    Oh, and parents already are liable, even if it’s only with the latest riots. Knowingly having stolen goods in your home makes you liable.


    1. @Alex
      We had lots of vigilante groups out last night around Britain.
      If they obey the law there is no problem. And because they are the community they are far more likely to do what the community wants. For instance the police have been pretty rubbish at protecting property, a local citizens group would be far more effective.


  2. “If they obey the law” being the key point there.

    I agree that community spirit is an amazing thing, and can easy crush the riotous attitude around the country, but as I said in my last post, it has such a high chance of causing yet more trouble that it is simply not viable.

    I’ve no doubt you’ve seen the news of three men being killed in Birmingham last night whilst defending their community? Brave efforts, and it did mean little to no damage to the area, but it also resulted in death, and further problems.


  3. Oh, those evil women, getting pregnant to exploit the benefits system.

    And nothing could possibly go wrong with tooled-up mobs roaming the streets targeting kids.

    It would be hilarious and quite sad if you genuinely believed this stuff.


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