Good policing, bad policing. Good vigilantes, bad vigilantes

Here is an example of bad policing. The police totally abusing their powers to kill an innocent man who was not involved in any illegal activity.

Here is an example of good policing. Feral rioting scum receive some rough and robust justice. It is a pity we didn’t see much more of this during the riots, then there would have been far less damage to property and far less looting. If people riot and loot then this is how they should be treated.

Here are good vigilantes, taking a sensible and balanced view and acting for the overall benefit of society. If we had seen more of this then the riots would have been snuffed out much more quickly. It is just a matter of being organised because the rioters are an incredible small percentage of our population.

Here are some appallingly bad vigilantes in Eltham. These are just racist thugs, utter scum in our society, and if anything are worse than the original rioters. They are a disgrace to our society and all they do is to create extra work for the police. And to leave a very nasty taste in the mouth of anyone who sees this video. They make you ashamed to be British.

There was no rioting last night because most of the perpetrators have now been caught. There were not very many of them to start with and our big brother society has CCTVs everywhere. So it was just a matter of picking the gang members and well known local criminals out of the footage. If they lock a few hundred of these scum up it will reduce the overall crime rate significantly. Most of these feral scum go through life constantly committing crimes, their moral compass is such that they see no reason not to. They are Blair and Brown’s children, products of a benefit funded feckless underclass.

The people who called for the army to be brought out to deal with things were just silly. This was just a small number of scum running amok, the situation exacerbated by the police being unwilling to act robustly on the first night. They could have stopped it then had they done a few baton charges.

Likewise the people who say that this means we should not reduce police numbers. This is ridiculous, we have far more police than we need and they have appalling productivity, wasting most of their time in unproductive ways. They desperately need wholesale reform.

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  1. Found this great description of the EDL, who have been active in Eltham:
    They peddle small minded solutions for small minded people looking to blame people who look different for their own failures in life.


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