British public opinion moves to the right

The BBC and the Guardian have probably not noticed this, but over the last week public opinion has moved decisively to the right. You could hear it yesterday in David Cameron’s speech. No apologies or analysis of the rioters behaviour, just the simple and correct explanation that they are criminals and will be punished. This is such a refreshing breath of fresh air after more than half a century of socialist denial and excuses about the ills of our society.

The public are now mightily pissed off about working hard to pay taxes to support a criminal, feckless, parasitic underclass. And underclass who can afford expensive clothes, expensive phones and yet who did over £200 million of damage to our cities.

This is a great opportunity for the coalition to remove some of the post war cancer of socialism that is a disease in our society. Especially they need to unravel the welfare state so that it becomes the safety net of last resort, not a source for funding an alternative lifestyle, as it is at present. The socialists have created a society where work is optional and getting pregnant is an income stream. This must stop.

If the government doesn’t act then the nasty political parties of the right will gain legitimacy and will attract public support.

Here are some measures that we may well see:

Let’s hope that the government does all of the above, and more. Socialist dogma is a nasty disease which is at the root of most of society’s problems. This is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of lots of it and return this country to being run sensibly.


  1. “Revamping the whole benefits system to be one of looking after genuine need instead of being a lifestyle choice, as it is at present.”

    It’s obvious you’ve never had to survive on benefits.


    1. @Richard Littlecock

      This is because I choose to work, despite being penalised with massive taxes for doing so.


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