Alleged rioters named and shamed

Looters during the riots in London
Criminals, stealing

Here is a list of some of the people who have appeared in magistrates courts around the country to face charges arising out of the rioting and looting earlier this week. This is not a complete list, there are quite a lot of unnamed boys (in their early teens) and even some unnamed girls who are too young to have their names released by the court. Also many arrested people haven’t got to court yet. And the police are still gathering the evidence and making new arrests, a process that could continue for a year.

Some of these people have been sentenced, some passed to higher courts, some have pleaded not guilty and their cases will be heard later. However all their names will now be on the internet for ever for having been arrested for allegedly being involved in the riots and for being brought in front of a court. The list with more details of the individual people and their cases with updates can be found here.

Michael Wilson
Adam Ozdas
David Attoh
Mark Burns
Michael Binns
Andrew Bradburn
Ryan Brack
Dean Hughes
Barry Naine
Shourov Choudhury
Samuel Caillaux
Michael Caillaux
Ross Jackson
Sanh Ngan
Byron Cawley
Brice Green
Piotr Dziedvic
Nicholas Robinson
Michael Doyle
Aaron Grima
Paul Raune
Paul Obanyanyo
William Jenkins
Amir Shar
Samir Drissi
Jacques Samuel De La Lubie
Omar Talab
Youssef El-Idrissi
Lee McAloney
Dayle Blinkhorn
John Millbanks
Ian Jones
Kumail Rizvi
Abdul Majid
David O’Neil
Hamza Abubakar
Daniel Bell
Leandro Santosdesaevasconcelos
Paul Obonyano
Paul Ruane
Sebastian Praxitelous
Joseph Moran
Cain Larden
Ricky Hudson
Perry Atherton
Fraser Giscombe
Clive Morris
Tyrrel Shannon
Ayub Ahmed
Mark Anthony Baker
Imran Khan
Shane Collett
Gary Howe-Sampson
Aaron Warwood
Adellah Snape
David Lukeman
Jamie Hoang
Charlie Herron
Marouane Rouhi
Liam Cornwell
Curtis Burke
Quamai Nugent
Callum Nugent
Asha McDevitt
Ronnie Whitby
Ricky Gemmell
Stefan Bohan
Alexis Bailey
Christopher Heart
David Attoh
Michael Coffey
Alexander Elliott-Johill
Aaron Mulholland
Jason Ullett
Tom Skinkis
Eoin Flanagan
Bernard Moore
Carl Pine
Craig Cave
Shereece Ashley
Richard McCoy
Andrew Britten
Robert Denison
Daniel Hourd
Roxwell Yeboah
Ashton Alexander
Gregory Coleman
Harrison McCalla
Antany Edwards
Reiss Wilson
Curtis Dejean
Callum Powell
Shaundre Robinson
Gareth Rees
Lance Prince
Tyrone Coombs
Jason Matthews
Arjun Tassinari
Jordan Blackshaw
Jamal Ebanks
Jeffrey Ebanks
Martin Burton
Peter David Morgan
Natasha Reid
Samir Drissi
Omar Talab
Mourouane Rouhi
Youssef El-Idrissi
Samir Shah
Gassam Ojjeh
Saffron Armstrong
Kairo Lawson
Nana Kwame Sarpong
Ahmed Farah
Munir Zaman
Amerpreet Gill
Gurmeet Tarmeet
Oliver Johnson
Kenneth Michael Hunnisett
Samuel Thomas Green
Jordan Kelly
Lee Montaldo
Karl Brown
Beidir Amin
John Alexander
Luke Blakemore
Dwaine Spence

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