Soya Keaveney. A child having a child. And we pay for it

Soya Keaveney publicity photograph when she was 12

So Soya Keaveney is 15 and is heavily pregnant. Her unemployed single mother says: “Once the new baby comes the council will have to find us a place with four or five bedrooms.” Where is the morality of these people? They contribute nothing to our society and live in a dependency culture where hard paying tax payers support their feckless and dissolute behaviour. It is because our country tolerates this that we had the riots.

Soya’s boyfriend, Jake Gray, is 17 and has quite plainly broken the law of the land. Why isn’t he being prosecuted? There is no fear of the law here when they splash their story all over the Sun newspaper. They know that the police will not be interested in their law breaking. And so it is for very many youths across the country, they blatantly and flagrantly break the law without any fear of the consequences.

The family have a history of seeking publicity. This is a part of the horrendous Big Brother mentality where people think that publicity alone will bring them fortune. People want to be the next Jade Goody and become rich without working. This is a sad indictment of what has gone wrong with the socialist welfare state mentality. Why study and get qualifications when you can become rich just by being in the papers? And if that fails the state will still pay for everything. Those suckers who work hard don’t mind paying half of what they earn in taxes to keep dependency culture parasites housed and fed.

The only way to fix this horrendous problem is to bring discipline back to our society. From politicians, from parents, from teachers and from police who actually apply the law.


  1. Same here in the U.S. We’re expected to go mad for celebrities and criticize NO ONE for their bad (immoral?) choices. We’ve all gone down the rabbit hole.


  2. Seriously?? Okay, so maybe waiting until she had finished college and/or had married would have been a better idea. But who are you to pass judgment? And there was only a two year difference between her and her boyfriend, and you want him prosecuted? What’s wrong with *you*? My wife is four years younger than I and my sister is married to someone 30 years older than she. Go find something else better to do man.


  3. bravo J.K…good point! you..writer of this article..for who do you work exactly…? what’s in your head…cause brain for sure not…but for what the hack should be used those taxes you intelligent human being(even if you don’t seem human at all) if not for people that really need it,ok…maybe her mother thinks wrong about getting advantages like this….or should all the taxes be used for parades for that stupid old lady,that rules the kingdom or you prefer that the money should sustain the wars and military campaigns all over the world(killing and conquering)….SHAME!!!


  4. So let me get this right. Em, yeah, you believe what you read in the Sun. Wow.


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