Rioters receive fair punishment

So now the people who rioted and looted are going through the courts and are receiving mainly custodial sentences which are of varying lengths in proportion to their crimes. These sentences are obviously far higher than if the crimes had been committed in isolation. This is because they were committed in a riot where an anarchic group tried to take control of the streets away from the government and in doing so there was a total breakdown in the rule of law. They were committing crimes against the state.

People who tried to incite the riots online but who took no physical part in them are maybe even more guilty. They were inciting the riots to happen and they were conspirators in the whole criminality. If this sort of behaviour was allowed to run unchecked we would pretty quickly have no law and order. Society as a whole now knows that you just can’t say anything you feel like to online audiences. People must take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

The do gooder, apologist, leftie hand wringers at the BBC and the Guardian don’t like this at all. They think that the riots and the crimes committed in them are the fault of society, or maybe the bankers, or maybe the politicians. But certainly not the fault of the people who actually committed them. This failure to hold people responsible for their actions is at the heart of the evil of the welfare state and dependency culture. It is precisely why many young girls see having babies, paid for by the state, as a career alternative to studying and working.

The sentences being handed out are very similar to those handed out for previous similar civil disturbances, such as the Bradford riots. And it is worth noting that in Britain in living memory rioting looters were shot. Also the sentences are fully supported by the vast majority of the fair minded, law abiding population.

The number of actual rioters (not opportunistic looters) was very small, just in the low hundreds nationwide. Most of these people were recidivist street criminals who were already well known to the police. Locking them all up in one go will make the streets of Britain a lot safer for the decent law abiding majority. For the courts this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant improvement to many deprived city areas around Britain. By removing one of the biggest problems they are making life a lot better for tens of thousands of people who suffer from the behaviour of this feral low life.

Let’s hope that the government is bold enouigh to implement long term reforms so that when the scum get out of prison they cannot continue their former activities.


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  1. You say “many young girls see having a baby…as a career choice.” What evidence do you have. Do you have the names of any girls you know who have made this “career” choice that I could speak to?


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