Woman looter loading up her BMW

Vehicle Registration Number – H170FLK
Make / Model – BMW 316I LUX A
Colour – SILVER

Utter, total scum. Just an opportunist thief with no moral compass whatsoever. It appears that the magistrates have been asked to hand down custodial sentences to everyone involved, which will come as a shock to this nasty piece of work.

London (and Manchester and Birmingham) should be the safest they have been for years as most of the street gangs and large swathes of lowlife scum find themselves incarcerated at Her Majesty’s pleasure. This is what prison is for, to remove from society those people who are so sociopathic that they don’t deserve to be out and about.

The Metropolitan Police are systematically performing early morning raids on every known gang member and petty criminal. If they don’t find loot they find weapons and drugs. It is the biggest clean up the capital has had for years. At long last the police are doing their job and exerting their authority. Let’s hope that when these scum get out of jail there are measures in place to stop them just going back to a life of street crime. We have a breathing space of 6 months or so to get prepared for them all being released.

In many ways the riots have been a good thing. They have lurched the whole country to the right, away from the do gooder, nanny state socialism which is the root of so many of our problems. They have forced the government to re-evaluate all their policies. And they have resulted in the police taking back control of the streets. In the forced absence of excessive state spending let’s hope that libertarian solutions are implemented at every opportunity. Make people take responsibility for their own lives.


  1. Sorry to tell you but you were better on shaving than on politics !


  2. These looting sprees have made the right wake up and the left pause for thought. However, now that there has been a week or so of peace, the lefties are breaking cover to moan about unfairly harsh punishments. The BBC have been full-on sympathy mode for the looters.

    Finally there is the opportunity to put an end to the liberal social experiment and return to tried and tested common sense social policy. Rewarding hard work, community participation and positive contributions to society and punish wrongdoing.


    1. @Ken Hall
      I agree with you 100%. It is amazing how the left make excuses for criminal activity. Cameron has it spot on, making people take responsibility for their actions. Milliband was being a total idiot when he blamed the bankers for the rioting. The left would blame the bankers for our poor wheat harvest and Ghaddafi launching a Scud missile. It is part of their plot to take the blame away from the out of control profligate spending of Gordon Brown.
      And the BBC is a disgrace as a public service broadcaster. It has nearly 50% of the total UK news reach and abuses that position to preach a liberal socialism.


  3. Attitudes like this stem from the age of Thatcher. Prior to that, there was a greater moral sense of being in the UK. The “i’m all right, jack” attitude instilled during the Thatcher years brought about young people with the wrong outlook and this has carried down to their children now.

    This is not to say that society hasn’t been erroded by liberal attitudes either. Children seem to know their rights more than a solicitor and punishment of children and youths has been more tickling stick than cane. This is wrong in every possible way – what message has been sent to the young? It’s that they can do what they please and only get a smack on the wrist.

    HOWEVER, there’s also a very clear message that the future for young people today is bleak, to say the least. The Bankers are responsible in many ways for the riots as it was them, in the main, that plunged the economy into the position it’s in now. It’s them that business has to look to in order to get funding for expansion and it’s them that’s making it nigh-on impossible for small business to secure that. But as SME is responsible for the majority of jobs in this country and the Government expects the private sector to take up the jobs slack, how is this going to be possibe? There’s more spending cuts, more jobs losses and NO RECOVERY PLAN, despite the insistence of Cable and Osbourne that such a plan exists. They think we’re bloody fools.


    1. @Andy Banner
      You need to lay off reading the Guardian and listening to the BBC.
      The rioters did what they did because they are feral, criminal scum and the police lost control of the streets.
      Blaming Margaret Thatcher and the bankers for the actions of criminal scum is plain silly. People are responsible for their own actions.


  4. I agree with everything you say,give such harsh sentences so that everyone will think twice about doing it again


  5. You may be right about being feral, but there’s still a reason. A cat dosen’t go feral because it’s loved and looked after, it does so because it’s not.

    People may be responsible, but these attitudes came from somewhere and that place was the 1980s. The bankers are largely responsibe for the financial mess we’re in and the ensuing austerity measures.


  6. Whilst I deprecate completely the actions of these rioters, looters and destroyers, to blame this on a socialist regime is unreal and irrelevant to the determination of cause. One can go back even further and consider the destruction of society (there’s no such thing) by Margaret Thatcher and her sycophants. To go forward in the directions advocated by some of the commentators here would be to indulge the nation in the extremes of fascism; look back at what this did to countries like Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal in the life-times of some readers here. We must approach this is a well though-out and popularly agreed manner and not let the thrall of retribution itself run riot.


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