Entitlement, the welfare state gone mad

Entitlement and the welfare ste in action.

We live in a country which embraced the disease that is socialism after world war 2 and it has been the ruination of the country. Today the dead hand of the state extends to more than half of the economy. No wonder we are rapidly being overtaken by countries which were in poverty just a couple of decades ago. And one of the worst consequences of socialism is the creation of a dissolute feckless underclass. When working for a living is optional there are many who will choose to become parasites and live off the state, creating babies as an income source. The Blair and Brown governments made the problem much worse by throwing money at it. They were too stupid to realise that state money was the cause of the problem, not the solution to it.

Here are some examples of where dependency culture has gone badly wrong.

Moira Pearce, 34, has three sons and seven daughters by four different men and has never worked. She receives more than £30,000 a year tax free from the state (you and me) but wants more so has applied to local charities for help.

Gary Bateman, 46, and Joanne Shepherd, 36,live in a free 5 bedroomed house and receive more than £30,000 a year tax free from the state. Joanne Sheppard has 12 children by three men and has not worked for 19 years since she became pregnant with her first child aged 17. Mr Bateman has been out of work for as long as he can remember.

Anita Hull 38 and her unemployed partner Steve Dalton 46 live in a large detached house with nine of their 13 children. They have not worked for 20 years and receive £38,324 of our money every year tax free. Recently they bought a £1,700 60 inch plasma television.

Unemployed 24-year-old Keith MacDonald has had seven children by seven different women and has never paid a penny towards looking after them. The cost of looking after his offsprings costs the taxpayer about £60,000 a year.

Carl and Samantha Gillespie and their 12 children live in a detached 8 bedroom period house with a garden and its own driveway in a desirable area of Newbury, Berkshire. This is paid for by the taxpayer, as is the £44,000 a year they receive in benefits because, obviously, they are unemployed.

A 21 year old man with learning disabilities is flying to Amsterdam to have sex with a prostitute. All paid for with taxpayers money. His social worker says: ‘Refusing to offer him this service would be a violation of his human rights.’

Many, many more similar cases can be found here.

It is pretty obvious that socialism and the welfare state has broken our society. Hard working people are expected to pay half of what they earn to the state in taxes, and the state then squanders that money by encouraging a feckless underclass who have no intention whatsoever of contributing to society. To these people all that they can see is their entitlement. And they always want more as you can read in the articles linked above.

Britain is bankrupt due to the profligate and out of control spending of Gordon Brown. It is only the timely election of the coalition with their sensible budgetary policies that have stopped us going the way of Greece. Yet we are still spending billions on a welfare state that is massively abused by many of its recipients.

The only answer is to get rid of the socialism, shrink the state and adopt libertarian policies. This is what all the successful countries in the world have done. In China, supposedly a communist country, the state is just 20% of the economy. This leaves 80% to get on with making money, no wonder their economy is growing so fast, soon they will be richer than us. The people listed above would find life very different there.


  1. It is worth adding that we now have third generation dependency recipients who have never worked, just as their parents and grandparents haven’t.
    We have sink estates where most of the people live on benefits and very few people work.
    And we have children having children. Very young girls getting pregnant so they can leave home, get a flat and start their career of dependency.


  2. Bruce, you’ll live a lot longer if you stop reading the Daily Mail 🙂


    1. I gave up reading newspapers years ago. MSM is tired.

      The Spectator, Economist and Private Eye still have relevance.


  3. Bruce doesn’t read the Daily Mail, they just mysteriously come up in most of his Google results when he searches for stories that back up his prejudices (in this case presumably using terms such as “benefit scroungers” or “taxpayers foot the bill”).


    1. @Richard Littlecock
      There are plenty of similar stories in all the popular papers. Though not in the Guardian of course, because they think that the dependency culture underclass are all victims. Presumably either victims of the bankers or victims of Margaret Thatcher.
      It is funny how some people from poor backgrounds can better themselves and make successes of their lives. Whilst others from the identical backgrounds just become benefit dependent parasites who never try to achieve anything except getting more benefits, usually by getting pregnant. Hence the 10 and 12 child families.


  4. You’re right Bruce, it’s impossible for other people to have had fewer opportunities or worse luck in life than yourself. They must be choosing to live in self-imposed poverty. It’s all so simple.


    1. @Richard Littlecock
      There are ample opportunities. A person today with the poorest of parents can easily get themselves up to PhD level with lots of hard work. There are more grants and support for the poor in education than ever before. And it is the current government that have introduced the most progressive changes. Unlike Labour who destroyed the Grammar schools, one of the most socially regressive moves ever made.
      Yes the poverty is self imposed, because they have ignored the opportunities, like education and working hard. Also they have made silly life decisions like becoming teenage single mothers and doing lots of drugs.
      The dependency underclass are feckless and dissolute. They are also parasites on the hard working people.


  5. Hard working people such as yourself?


  6. Leaving dehumanising people in poverty aside for a second, what do you actually do for a living Bruce?

    You’re writing a book about diet and exercise, are you a health practitioner?


    1. I work as a marketing consultant. Write 4 different blogs and run a few forums. As well as writing a book.
      It is called portfolio working.


  7. Who have you consulted for recently?

    The rest of that ‘portfolio’ are hobbies really, aren’t they?


    1. Clients are confidential. But I was working with a startup App developer this week.


  8. hahahaha
    @richardlittlecock, thank brilliant you.
    That is all.


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