The chav dog craze

Staffie, Stafford, Staffy or Staff

There is quite a big fashion now for chavs to own a Staffordshire bull terrier. As if owning a dog known for its aggressiveness will make up for their own inadequacies. Before they made the even more aggressive American pit bull terriers illegal there was much interbreeding so many of these dogs are mongrels of both varieties of terrier and the authorities don’t have the resources to genetically test them all.

A walk I regularly take passes near some social housing and I regularly see these dogs taking their owners out for a walk. There is always dog poo on the ground, in an area where children play, because these people don’t have the moral compass to take responsibility for their own actions. The council put up a couple of dog poo bins but these were promptly vandalised, as you would expect from these people.

And of course these dogs attack people. They are badly trained and naturally aggressive. In fact many owners try and train them to be more aggressive to further make up for their own inadequacies. A bit like owning a bigger flick knife. Each year the number of these attacks go up and when they attack children they make quite a mess, often disfiguring them for life. Occasionally these stories make the paper but they are much more common than the reportage.

The amazing thing is that the dog owners are not held responsible when their dogs attack people. The British law just holds the dog responsible, which is plainly wrong, especially when the owners of these dogs typically take responsibility for nothing in their lives, they were bought up under socialism where everything is always someone else’s fault. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the BBC and the Guardian blaming the bankers for the dog attacks, they blame them for everything else.

What we need is much stricter control of dog ownership with every dog chipped and licensed to an individual owner who pays a realistic annual license  fee. And everything that a dog does wrong should be the fault of the owner with criminal proceedings taken against them when appropriate. And if an owner gets caught twice not picking up the poo the dog should be put down and the owner banned from buying another one for life.


  1. You seem to have bad feelings about Socialism, but you propose laws which would force people to pay for government oversight of currently legal activity. And all because their dogs MIGHT attack someone, not because they are guilty of any crime.

    Isn’t that Fascism?


    1. @James R. Rummel

      What I propose would be covered by the annual license fee and could be performed by a private sector contractor.
      A libertarian and a civic society are not incompatible. Just look at Singapore.


  2. “What I propose would be covered by the annual license fee and could be performed by a private sector contractor.
    A libertarian and a civic society are not incompatible. Just look at Singapore.”

    This doesn’t address my main point at all!

    Private sector contractor enforcing the law or not, it is still the all-powerful State using their monopoly or force to keep track of those who have done no harm, all because you think they might! Even if the government outsources the job, it is still the same.

    So far as your example of Singapore is concerned, I have always held the place to be an over-regulated hellhole where the slightest innocent activity might land someone in hot water with the law. (Try chewing some gum while walking down one of their streets if you want to see a Draconian police state in action.) If this is your idea of a Libertarian society, then I don’t think you grasp what the word actually means.


  3. Aww please don’t label Staffies as ‘chav dogs’, I have one and I’m certainly not a chav.

    They’re not naturally aggressive either, they’re just strong and boisterous. That can lead to aggressiveness if you don’t train them properly, but if you’re sensible they are very friendly loving animals. There’s nothing wrong with the breed whatsoever, the problem is always at the other end of the lead.


  4. I second what Pete says, have one from a rescue home and they are great dogs when you take the time to train them properly, likewise im no chav.
    If everyone in the world was as easy to stereotype as Bruce says, then i guess he would be the stuck up posh boy, but im probably wrong on that one…


  5. My word you are misguided and uneducated. No dog is naturally aggressive, and as for putting a dog down if the owner Doesent pick up after it more than twice, are you genuinely serious? How is it the dogs fault if the owner Doesent pick up after it? You just sound like a snob with a very bad attitude


  6. Also you just contradict yourself. You say that everything the dog does wrong should be the owners fault yet you would propose the dog be put down when the owner does something wrong by not picking up after it


  7. What an absolute Luddite. How about we find your parents and have them put down for not educating their child to a reasonable level and being ignorant to the facts. Staffies are not aggressive animals anymore than any other dog.


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