Stuart Rodger, what a plonker

So Nick Clegg had blue paint thrown at him in Glasgow by an utter idiot, reported as allegedly being Stuart Rodger, who had filled an empty hen’s egg with the paint. You would wonder what went wrong with this plonkers education and parenting when he thinks that it is acceptable to attack another person.

He doesn’t seem to realise that we live in a representative democracy which gives him many routes to express his political views. He can vote in a myriad of different elections from parish level right the way up to Europe. If that isn’t enough then there are countless opportunities to engage in debate with elected politicians. Then if that isn’t enough he could become a party activist or even put himself up for election to see if other people democratically support his views. And of course he always has the option of writing a political blog.

The fact that this idiot chose blue paint presumably was something to do with Nick Clegg’s activities within the coalition. Here the paint thrower was just being outstandingly stupid. The British people democratically elected a stalemate. Clegg had no option but to form a coalition with the party that won the most seats because this is what the results showed was wanted and needed. Any and every such coalition involves compromises being made by the parties involved. The net result is a Conservative government (they won far more seats of the two partners) with very strong Liberal Democrat input.

Nick Clegg and his whole party have to compromise, there is no other way. If we got the proportional representation that he seeks then every election would be followed by horse trading as the parties involved lost and won on the policies to be implemented. This is what happens around the world. Not paint throwing by idiots.

The Liberal Democrats have brought a huge amount of influence to this coalition, out of all proportion to the number of seats that they won, this is because they hold the balance of power. So Nick Clegg has done a brilliant job for the party in having its political philosophy implemented. This is the first national taste of power and influence for the Liberal Democrats and Clegg is handling it very well indeed.

What did the idiot paint thrower want? For Clegg to not make a coalition with the Conservatives and so not do what had been voted for? Or to form a very weak coalition with the minority Labour party who were totally discredited and politically bankrupt? Either of these options would not have given the Liberal Democrats the power and influence that they now enjoy and would have been bad for the country.

And of course there is no manoeuvre room because there is no money, Gordon Brown has spent it all. And he has spent hundreds of billions of money that he didn’t have. The country is in the most massive financial mess imaginable, which the coalition are gradually tackling, but it is an immense task. But our paint throwing idiot doesn’t see this.

The only redeeming thing is that he is very young, so presumably he still has the future opportunity to grow up.


  1. You are so right when you say “Sky news… no leftie bias.” Just Rightie bias by Sky news. By the way you should spell leftie with a capital as it is a name for a political belief.


  2. Bruce Everiss, what a plonker. “A look at how our society is run, written by Bruce Everiss, based on a lifetime of observation and a healthy dose of cynicism” mixed with a lot of “what I heard down at the pub” and a garnished with “something I read in the Daily Mail”


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