Where is Gaddafi?

Masonic handshake?

Masonic handshake?

This is interesting. Gaddafi makes regular spoken pronouncements, there was one yesterday, but hasn’t been seen in a very long time. So the reality is that he could be anywhere in the world. However everywhere he goes he leaves an electronic footprint and there are people in the world who are experts at following such footprints. Just look at how Osama bin Laden was detected.

Gaddafi has a problem in that there is an arrest warrant out for him issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) which limits his freedom of movement. Another problem is the need to look after his large family, which limits his mobility. But there are rumours that he removed a substantial lump of gold from the central bank to pay his way with. So where is he? Here are some options:

  • Already abroad. Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Algeria have been mentioned as possible destinations, countries that might not do the bidding of the ICC.
  • Underground in Tripoli in a bunker complex that remains undetected. This would be very easy to do. The entrance could be somewhere totally innocuous and he could do an Ann Frank and just sit in hiding for years living off a stash of provisions.
  • Still in one of the pockets of loyalist held buildings in Tripoli, maybe using a mosque or a school as cover.
  • He moved a while ago to Sirte, his home city, which is being very strongly defended by loyalists and which NATO is still hitting from the air. Once again he would hide, either in a bunker complex or in somewhere innocuous.
  • He is out in the desert. There is a lot of it, most of which is in nobody’s hands. He always put up the image of a nomad living in a tent. But it would be impossible to remain hidden for long.
  • He is already dead and his body hasn’t been found or it has been found but not identified.

Of course the £1.5 million bounty is bound to exert considerable power on those who know where he is. And there are certain gentlemen who know the pubs of Hereford well who might be looking for him. So we could get news today, or he could go under the radar for years. Anything is possible.



  1. A minister in Libya’s National Transitional Council said on Friday rebel forces were surrounding an area of Tripoli where Muammar Gaddafi and his entourage were hiding and were monitoring their presence before attempting to capture them.

    “The area where he is now is under siege,” Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi told Reuters. “The rebels are monitoring the
    area and they are dealing with it.”

    Alagi, a lawyer who said he had come to Tripoli to establish the new “legal authority” declined to specify where Gaddafi was.

    Other rebel officials have said they believe the fallen strongman has taken refuge in the Abu Salim area in the south of the capital — an area that saw clashes in recent days.

    Rebel fighters have said earlier this week that they thought they had Gaddafi cornered but these reports have turned out to be inaccurate, or at least premature. – Reuters


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