Nigel Farage’s huge lie

Time after time Nigel Farage is saying that David Cameron reneged on his promise to have a referendum on the Lisbon treaty. UKIP even made the above video. This is a complete, utter and total lie.

So firstly why is Farage basing so much of his electioneering on repeating this blatant lie? The simple fact is that UKIP is a single issue party, it is in their name. They want to take Great Britain out of the EU. But the political reality is that anyone who wants this would be far better off voting Conservative, because David Cameron has promised an EU in/out referendum after the 2015 General Election. This makes UKIP desperate because they are now irrelevant. Hence the lies. Farage wants to cast doubt on David Cameron’s integrity. But in doing so Farage proves to the world that it is he who lacks integrity.

What many people seem to forget is that by far the most powerful anti EU force in British politics is the Conservative party. There are about 100 Conservative MPs who are EU sceptic (remember UKIP has zero MPs). These EU sceptic MPs vary in their views, but they make a formidable force and have caused problems for Conservative leaders for decades. So David Cameron, to keep these MPs supporting him, has promised to renegotiate our EU membership and then to have an in/out referendum. We know that we can believe this because if Cameron doesn’t deliver this he will be toast. His own MPs would destroy him.

Now lets look at the truth about David Cameron’s promise over the Lisbon treaty. Here is the timeline.

  • Lisbon treaty signed 13 December 2007. Gordon Brown promised British voters a referendum on this, but reneged on his promise.
  • June 2009, David Cameron promises a referendum if the Conservatives form a government at the next election, but only if the treaty has not been ratified. Because once the treaty was ratified there would be no point in having a referendum. Here is the BBC story that proves this.
  • December 2009 Lisbon ratified. Any referendum now utterly irrelevant. This happened far faster than expected. There were 27 EU countries then and because the treaty was constitutional it was thought that many would have time consuming referendums. In the end only Ireland did. All the other countries just rubber stamped it in their parliaments.
  • May 2010 Cameron wins General Election. Far too late to have a referendum.

So now you can see that Farage is a complete despicable liar. That Cameron is to be trusted and that the Conservatives are the only political party who trust you, the voter, when it comes to the EU. It is an absolute fact that the only route to an EU in/out referendum is to vote Conservative.

Meanwhile we now know that Farage is a bare faced liar and cannot be trusted. If he lies repeatedly about this how much more is he lying about? Remember when he told us that millions of Romanians and Bulgarians would come here? Where are they? The number actually went down!




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