Zionism is a problem for all of us

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Get a dictionary and look up Concentration Camp and you will see that it accurately describes Gaza today, then look up Genocide and you will see that it accurately describes what the Israeli government has done many times, finally look up Ethnic Cleansing and you will see Israel’s actions since WW2 defined.

The supposed basis for founding the state of Israel is the Balfour Declarion of 1917. Here it is:

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

Notice the text in bold. At the time the Muslim Ottoman Empire, who had run the place since the 16th century, was collapsing and the Sykes Picot Agreement of 1916 had carved up the map, giving Great Britain control over Palestine. This was confirmed by the League of Nations Mandate of 1922, the preamble of which said: “it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. Once again the same text.

What actually happened is that the Jews in Palestine took on a political philosophy called Zionism, established by Theodor Herzl in 1897. This called for a Jewish state to be established in Palestine. You can see two things straight away here. Firstly a Zionist state is totally at odds with the Balfour Declaration and secondly that it is fundementally racist, the state it espouses is based on the factor of race. So the Zionists did not honour the Balfour Declaration or the Mandate, instead they ran a terrorist war against the British with groups such as Haganah, Palmach, Irgun and Lehi which committed many atrocities. Irgun evolved into today’s Likud party, so you can see their political philosophy.

It is worth noting here that the Hasbara propagandists today say that the Palestinians never owned the land, that the British owned it. Obviously this is utterly ridiculous. The British managed the mandate, they didn’t own the land.

Since the British left, at the end of the Mandate, the Zionists have relentlessly sought to create an ethnically pure Jewish state by a process of ethnic cleansing, mass immigration of overseas Jews and land theft. In 1948 alone they stole the home and lands of 700,000 Palestinians. Today 650,000 Isrealis live illegally on Palestinian land (the Occupied Territories) in Jerusalem and the West Bank, in breach of the fourth Geneva convention. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and “settlers” continually mete out harassment and violence against West Bank Palestinians and continue to steal their land. Not only have the Zionists stolen land from Palestinians, they have also stolen it from all their neighbours, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

The Zionist technique is simple, they deliberately create a conflict, then use their vastly superior military to grab land. The 1967 war was typical, pure Israeli agression.

How has the rest of the world allowed the formation and continuous growth of a state based on racism, land theft, violence and ethnic cleansing?:

  • The Holocaust. The Nazis created a monstorous act of barbarity when they sought to eliminate the Jews of Europe in brutal death camps. So the rest of the world felt sorry for them. But the sad thing is that Zionism practices much that Nazism practiced: racial superiority, concentration camps, land theft, ethnic cleansing, collective punishments, genocide, large scale use of totally untrue propaganda. Go to Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International for all the evidence you need.
  • Unconditional love from the USA. Israel’s actions have unsuprisingly been condemned in 45 seperate UN resolutions. America has vetoed many more. USA supplies massive financial aid to Israel and gives them huge amounts of military equipment. This is because many American politicians are Jewish, the American political parties rely on Jewish donations and the Jewish lobby is very active and vociferous at every level of politics. A lot of this also applies to the UK, where senior politicians cannot bring themselves to denounce the masss murder of children in Gaza.
  • Israel’s image as a liberal, democratic state in the Eastern Mediterranean surrounded by authoritarian dictatorships. I explained earlier how Israel is not democratic. Now a million Russian Jews have emigrated to Israel and they do not share Europe’s liberal traditions. Israel has become a lot more authoritarian and fascist.
  • The press. It is said that the world’s six largest media companies are controlled by Jews and that they produce 96% of the world’s media output. Whilst this may well be an exaggeration, the principle is there. For example around the world every senior Muslim has been denouncing ISIS and there have been Islamic demonstration with thousands of people protesting against it. All of which goes largely unreported by the Western mainstream media.
  • They are perceived as an ally. We share intelligence with Mossad, the USA and British military buy Israeli equipment and we see states like Iran as the common enemy.

The situation is even worse than it looks. America has spent half a century destabilising all Israel’s potential enemies. The CIA and Mossad run amok throughout the Middle East making sure that states fail. They have created conflict and suffering on a huge scale. They think that this will make Israel safer and don’t mind the suffering they bring to everyone else.

America has been incredibly fickle. In the 1950 Tripartite Declaration they guaranteed the territorial status quo for Palestine and Israel. Obviously this was just an empty promise which the USA never honoured.

So now we have a fascist Israeli state that is devoid of compassion, morals, justice and much else that make up Western liberal values. They are a state whose foundations and structure are based on racism and violence. Today they are behaving totally unacceptably in the Gaza concentration camp, mass murdering civilians. Netanyahu refuses to talk to Hamas and continues to steal land in the occupied territories. The USA is sending him shiploads of armaments to do this with.

But there are signs of hope:

  • Some more educated people in Israel are beginning to see how horrendous events are and how immoral their state is. This is best seen in the pages of the Haaretz newspaper, which is now saying much that I have said above. The fact that their journalist, Gideon Levy, now needs a bodyguard to protect him from other Israelis tells you just how rotten the country now is. In fact, despite being Jewish, Haaretz is one of the best and most unbiased places to get news and comment about Israel. Far better than the biased Western media.
  • Some USA Jews now have sufficient moral compass to question the horrendous activities of the Israeli state. About time too.
  • ISIS has demonstrated to everyone with a brain that things could get a whole lot worse. In comparison Hamas is a democratically elected political party that wants peace. Of course the cynical would say that Netanyahu would prefer ISIS to Hamas, then he would have the justification for mass murder on an even bigger scale.
  • Boycotts. Increasingly the world will not buy anything made in Israel. And it is easy to know what not to buy, the first three numbers in a barcode are country of origin. Israeli goods have barcode numbers starting in 729. This is having a huge effect on Israel’s economy and that effect is increasing as the boycott takes off. Decent people around the world will not buy Israeli products.
  • Netanyahu is especially nasty and fascist in his behaviour. This has polarised matters a lot. It also enables the world to see far more clearly what the real nature of Zionism is. As a result this racist creed is being qusetioned like never before. He has gone far too far for all but the most amoral to support him.
  • Social media. We now know, as our mainstream media never told us, that most statements from the Israeli government and military are lies. They issue images of “human shields”, we use reverse image search to expose their lies. They say that Hamas broke the ceasefire, we follow the Twitter feeds of lots of people in Gaza and Israel who say that they didn’t. We know what is happening on the ground long before the BBC report it. And our version is far more accurate. We see the pictures of the dead mangled babies deliberately targeted by Israel as they slept in UN shelters that were never shown before. Israel knows this and employs literally thousand of Hasbara trolls to spread their lies online. But they are obvious, as they work from scripts, so they end up making it worse for the Zionists.
Typical Hasbara Script
Typical Hasbara Script

The only real answer in Gaza is for the USA government to gain some critical faculties and morality and to stop Netanyahu. They could do that today if they had a strong leadership. But they don’t, Obama is the weakest POTUS I have seen and to him a game of golf is far more important than the large number of children being maimed each day.

In the long term Zionism has now proven to a critical mass of people that its basic creed is evil and unacceptable. Without Zionism the world would be a far safer and more pleasant place for everyone. There would be far less fundementalism and far less terrorism. Both of which are just reactions to Zionist immorality. Let us hope that the more sensible people in the USA and Israel increase in number and have their voices heard. We all need that.



  1. If there were only Zionism there would be no problem.
    If there were only Islam there would be a problem.



  2. Unfortunately I haven’t got the time at the moment to refute all the lies and deceptions in this piece of bilge. There basically not a single word of trustingh in it. The four maps at the beginning of the article is a particularly egregious example of thin propaganda presented with no context nor explanation.


    1. So, I should trust YOU who is too lazy (unable) to provide proof, instead of the author, who has provided proof sources? Classic Zionist. You’re either ignorant or evil.

      Guess what? The world is waking up to the atrocities perpetrated by Israel. We as Jews are better than this!


    2. Informative and accessible article. Thank you. To Avi who wrote “I havent got the time […] to refute all the lies.” But you had the time to stop and perpetuate the lies.


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