Can Zionism be compared to Nazism?

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Increasingly, on the social media, the better informed  people are drawing analogies between Zionism and Nazis, between Hitler and Netanyahu, in what must be the biggest ongoing Godwin of all time. Also 43 Nazi genocide survivors and over 200 decendants have signed an open letter and taken an advert in the New York Times accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. One Auschwitz survivor, Hajo Meyer, said “If we want to stay really human beings, we must get up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals” and that hate of the Jews by the Germans “was less deeply rooted than the hate of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews” and “The brainwashing of the Jewish Israeli populations is going on for over sixty years. They cannot see a Palestinian as a human being”. This is deeply troubling, so before we go any further it is worth making a few very important points.

  • Zionism and Judaism are utterly, completely seperate things. Very many Jews are not Zionists. Very many Jews hate and abhor what the Zionists are doing in their name. Just as many Germans hated Nazism.
  • Criticising Zionism is not anti-Semitism. The Hasbara propagandists try all the time to make this false connection. Basically they are saying that if you criticise the actions of a political movement then you are a racist. Just one of their very many lies.
  • Israel’s current actions have created a huge wave of anti-Semitism worldwide, with some people seeking revenge. This is very wrong and not very clever. Racism against Jews is abhorrent. However boycotting Israeli goods to bring economic pressure on their government is an excellent idea.

Now we have have got that clear we should look at the various areas where comparisons can be drawn. But first remember the scale, Israel has just 8 million people and is just 8,000 square miles. Nazi Germany at its height contained hundreds of millions of people and encompassed a great deal of Europe.

  • Stealing land from other people. To the Nazis this was the policy of  Lebensraum, creating a 1,000 year Reich on land to the East.  As I have pointed out in an earlier article the Zionists have the concept of a greater Israel, this is realised by stealing land from the Palestinians. But they also steal from all Israel’s neighbours, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. So now the state of Israel contains huge tracts of land that belonged to other countries, and within Israel we have gone from most land being Palestinian in 1946 to nearly all the land being Jewish now. Theft on an immense scale. Many Zionists take the Book of Genesis seriously when it says: “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates”, a Greater Israel. We should be very worried about this. Some conspiracy theories think that ISIS is a Mossad creation to destroy national boundaries and governments, facilitating Zionist expansion.
  • Racial purity and superiority. This is the German “Master Race” or “Herrenvolk” philosophy that saw all other races as inferior or sub-human. The idea that they were Supermen or Ãœbermensch was deeply rooted in German culture. Zionists in turn have the deeply rooted concept of chosenness, that they have been chosen, for a purpose, to have a covenant with God. And that everyone else hasn’t. Zionism is fundamentally racist, its basic tenent is that Israel is a homeland for the Jews, not for any lesser race. Jewish people in Israel are educated and brought up to believe that Palestinians are second class human beings. Yet with the wonders of modern genetics we now know that Jews and Palestinians are pretty much the same people! Just divided by their religion.
  • Ethnic cleansing and Eugenics. This was a core concept of Nazism, they sought to populate Europe with a racially pure master race. So they slaughtered 6 million Jews, 3 million Soviet POWs, 2 million Poles, and around quarter of a million each of Gypsies and disabled people. Starting in 1937 the Zionist Irgun terrorists had a policy of massacring Palestinians and they carried out many such acts. They stopped for WW2 and then between 1945 and 1948 they carried out a lot more. No wonder the neighbouring Arab states tried to put a stop to this when Israel was made independent in 1948. After winning this war the Israelis ethnically cleansed 700,000 Palestinians, mostly by clearing them off the land, but there were many massacres. Now they have forced most Palestinans into two small areas, Gaza and the West Bank, but they continue to nibble land from these and to run a continuous policy of brutal suppression. Over the last 14 years the Israelis have killed an average of one Palestinian child every four days. In 2013 it was revealed that the Israeli government was running a secret programme to inject birth control into black Jews from Ethiopia, vastly reducing their birth rate. Eugenics in the modern age. But the foundation of the state of Israel was based on Eugenic thinking.
  • Abusing democracy. Hitler never won a majority. He became Chancellor of a coalition government after running a low level civil war. He then seized dictatorship power on the pretext of the Reichstag fire. In the last Israeli election Likud got only 23% of the vote. So Netanyau formed a coalition including The Jewish home Party who believe that Jews are divinely commanded to retain control over Israel and who are big promoters of the settler movement, which steals Palestinian land. Israel is hardly democratic, with the tail wagging the dog. But then there is the large scale gerrymandering. Of the state of Israel’s 8 million population 6 million are Jews and 1.6 million are called “Arabs”. But there are over 4 million Palestinians ethnically cleansed into the West Bank and Gaza with no vote in Israeli elections. So Israel is a very long way from being a representative democracy.
  • Use of Concentration camps. “A place which a government uses to keep people who are either against that government or who it thinks are too dangerous to remain free. Sometimes these are called internment camps, where a large number of people are put in prison without a trial”. The USA used these to suppress the Native Indian tribes. The British used them in South Africa as a tool to win the Boer War. Then Hitler used them in Germany to take his opponents out of circulation, 3.5 million Germans spent time in one of these camps. The Germans also had death or extermination camps for the industrialised implementation of the Holocaust. There is no doubt that Gaza is a concentration camp (some might say that it is now a death camp), the biggest ever in history with 1.8 million inmates, it fits the definition perfectly. These people are deprived of their basic human rights, they cannot leave the place. All Hamas want is to restore these rights.
  • Use of lies and propaganda. This is a subtle craft. It involves crafting everything you say in order to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of hundreds of millions of people, so that what they end up believing is not the truth. Under Dr. Joseph Goebbels and Germany’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda this was developed into a subtle and all pervasive art. Israel have learned from this and you really cannot believe a single word their Government or the IDF say. For instance they knew that shelling Gaza would cause a lot of civilian casualties, so they lied and said that Hamas was using human shields, thus transferring the blame for deaths to Hamas. In fact it is the IDF that has consistently used Human Shields for many years. Another time they broke a ceasefire to try and kill a Hamas leader, Mohammed Deif, at home, they destroyed his home, killing his wife and children (but not him), and they lied that it was Hamas that broke the ceasefire. The IDF repeatedly talk about the precision of their strikes. But look at the photographs of the destruction. The fact is that Israel doesn’t have the aircraft or the money to use F16s and JDAMs except for a relatively small number of targets. The vast majority of the attack is with old fashioned artillery, which isn’t a precision weapon, to flatten whole districts. And so it goes on, a barrage of lies, even Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, has written about this. What makes it worse is that most of the World’s media report these lies as news. In the USA the Fox News channel further embroiders them so that tens of millions of Americans have an utterly false idea of what is happening in Israel, their heads are full of lies. To further compound matters there is Hasbara, volunteer Zionists all over the world, thousands of them. They use a provided script to distribute the Zionist lies all over the social media. In comparison Hamas has nothing. There are a few people inside Gaza Tweeting events, but sometimes they have no electrical power or the internet is cut off. So the truth hardly gets out.
  • Collective punishment. Firstly it is important to note that this is illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. Nazis did it a lot. For every German killed by a Pole 100 to 400 Poles were shot. In France they burned down the village of  Maillé and killed 124 inhabitants, 48 of whom were children, in reprisal for resistance activity. The IDF, as we are seeing, acts in exactly the same way. In less volatile times they still do it. If a child is caught throwing stones they bulldoze the family home. Thousands of homes have been destroyed for this and similar reasons. IDF actually has a formal strategy for collective punishment, called the Dahiya Doctrine, which they follow. Deliberately killing children and medical workers, destroying water and electric power distribution, bombing places of work and hospitals. All this is planned and part of policy.
  • Militarisation of the State. In Germany there was a huge limitation, imposed by the Versailles Treaty, on what equipment their military could have and how big their armed forces could be. Once Hitler got these out of the way he fashioned a society built round the military, from the Hitler Youth through to the grand military uniforms many people wore the idea was to invoke a warrior state. They turned an Olympic Games into a military ceremony. Today Israel is ranked as the most militarised nation in the world. There is no real need for this, they are very many times more powerful than all their neighbours put together. It is largely paid for by American taxpayers and donors. When you visit Israel soldiers are everywhere because nearly everyone is conscripted. And when they leave the military they remain in the reserves, in a high state of readiness. Militarisation is built into the everyday life of every Israeli in an all pervading manner that would be unthinkable anywhere else on earth. It is truly disturbing to see a society based on this, where the IDF has immense power over everyone’s lives.

There is far more, in fact there is easily a book or two in this. The article above contains many links that provide evidence and background reading. Please click through these if you want to build a broader picture for yourself. You can build your own ideas of how similar Nazism and Zionism are, but the facts above seem very compelling. Also remember that Zionism is not Judaisim and that anti-Semitism is always utterly unacceptable It is bad enough for our planet that Zionism is so shamefully racist against Palestinians. They seem to have no moral compass.




For a reasonably balanced view of events Read Haaretz.

To know what is really happening in Gaza follow this link.


Excellent video. A Jew explains the truth.


  1. As with all statistics, you can twist them and arrange them to support any point of view. To what end? Do you think by trying to make a case that Zionists can be compared to Nazis, you will aid in the ultimate goal which should be peaceful co-existence with Israel? It is so obvious that your goal is to rid the Middle East of Zionists and Israel. There are those who could successfully argue and dispute every claim you make in your abhorrent comparison. Most Israelis who are not radical want nothing more than peaceful co-existence with Palestinians. Most Palestinians who are not radical want nothing more than peaceful co-existence with Israelis. Historically these two cultures are brothers. This blog is disgusting!


  2. There is a fundamental aspect of the “Nazi”/Zionism meme that is invariably overlooked and, as typical of the Jews, is quite deceptive. What this does is continually reinforce the “evil Nadzee” meme parroted by Jews and their sycophants.

    Nadzees are held forth by Jews as the penultimate evil, thus for one to reach the pinnacle of evil, they must equal or exceed the penultimate Nadzee evil. The fact is Jews are far and away more psychopathic and murderous than any occidental culture in history.

    Jews were, and are, outsiders among their host nations. JEWS have imposed this status upon themselves. They are the ones that refuse to integrate and absorb into the dominate host culture. They were the pernicious invaders subverting Germany during the Wiemar era and they are again the pernicious invaders that stole Palestinian land.

    While I will not go into lengthy detail, the German invasion of Poland was an attempt to regain territory lost in the Versailles treaty and prevent those atrocities being committed against Germans in the recently established Polish territory.

    That led to the British declaring war on Germany, yet the Brits never declared war on the Soviet Union that invaded Poland from the east at exactly the same time as the Germans.

    The Soviets, under Jewish administration, slaughtered some 22,000 Poles in a genocidal attempt to decapitate the Polish leadership and intelligentsia, something the Germans never did anywhere during their occupation.

    The Soviet Union, based on a Jew’s polemics (Karl Marx), was created by and run for the pleasure of Jews. During their administration, Jewish commissars slaughtered some 66 million indigenous Russian citizens.

    WWII resulted in the death of some 80 million people. Thus, Jews singlehandedly murdered almost as many Russians as the entire war produced. Remember also that WWII was created and administered by Jews under the auspices of their Allied proxies.

    Hitler was the natural response to the Jew’s psychopathic, genocidal administration of Russia, as he justifiably feared; communism would do the same to Germany, as well as other countries that might fall under Jewish/communist rule.

    History has proven Hitler was correct in his assessment. So how can Zionism possibly be said to be a response against the psychopathic, genocidal Jewish rule suffered by the Palestinians? How can “Zionism” be a response to Jewish perfidy? Is not the comparison an oxymoron?


  3. Judaism and Zionism. Bruce Everiss suggests Jews get the blame for the horrors Zionists do; and asks not to conflate Jews/Judaism with Zionism.

    However, it is true, the majority of Jews in Israel 2015 election voted for Zionist political party’s; as such condoning the the genocide wars against the Palestinian People 10yrs previous, and complicitly condone the next genocide any and all continued future attacks & genocide on Palestinian People by the Zionist government they elected.

    The assumed conflation of Zionism with Nazi-ism, surely must be considered through the prevalent comparisons of Nazi Germany, and Zionist Israel; the Nuremberg Trials were proceeded through the German Nation State being complicit & accountable for, the actions of the Nazi regime they voted & accepted into power. Is it not true, if a person doesn’t believe in the actions of a totalitarian or dictatorial government, that person/people can leave that country? Ye, it is true; many did leave Germany because of this very situation. As such, the Nuremberg Indictment was against the Peoples & Nation State of Germany. As is mirrored exactly with the Israel Zionist State.

    But Bruce argues not to conflate Judaism with Zionism. Hmm? This smacks of a plan to neutralise any criticism of both! Divert & Neutralise, made simple; 3 school lads have devised a plan how to rob a sweetshop, and never take the risk of getting caught; simply by creating a diversion argument. 2 lads arguing in sweetshop/distracts shopkeeper/shopkeeper castigates bad behaviour in Public/while 3rd lad steals the sweets!

    The argument, not to conflate Judaism with Zionism, denies itself any legitimacy of criticism of either & both; as such, no argument, nor criticism, is allowed to exist of neither Judaism nor Zionism. The only way to allow Jews & Judaism to legitimately disassociate itself from Zionism, is to dispel with the conflation argument and openly criticise Israel State, and openly criticise Jewish peoples that voted the TWO Zionist political party’s into power/representative government. In essence, as Jews argue about the conflation, Jews render any & all criticism by everybody, illegitimate.


  4. To think that zionist are the same as nazis, just shows how little you know about history. Hitler fought against these supremacist jews that role the world and every aspect of your life right now. Keep accepting every BS that come through your tv set if that makes you feel any good.


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