There are some intelligent Jews

We all know that Zionism is an evil political creed which is very similar to Nazism. At its centre is European colonialists travelling to Palestine to steal the land and ethnically cleanse it. But not all Jews are a party to these crimes against humanity. In fact some actively oppose it. Please feel free to use and distribute these. The world will be a better place if more people see them.

Israel Jew stands with Gaza 512

Israel jews-against-zionism 512

Israel real-jews denounce war crimes 512

Israelis burn flag 512

Israel. I am jewish. Stop killing palestinians. 512

Israel zionism-problem not Hamas 512

Israel. Zionism is the main cause of ant semitism. 512

Israel does not represent Jews 512

Israel end of zionism = peace 512

Israel zionists not jews 512

Israeli Jew with Palestine flag 512

Rally in London against Israeli attacks on Gaza

Israel is insane 512

Israeli self hating jew 512

Israel anti-zionist_jews 512








    1. Hey ZEDSDEAD, you are utterly ignorant about Ireland, I was there. You are wrong about Iraq, the population there is mostly Shia. So it is pretty obvious that you are ignorant about most things. American? Educated by CNN?


  2. Bruce how dare you compare zionism with nazism.
    You are a disgrace to the human race.
    Uneducated Ill informed ignorant and anti semitic.
    Once they have wiped out the Jews they will be coming for you next.
    The Jews have given more to the world in terms of science and technology than anyone else. Israel remains the only true democracy in the middle east.
    Your support of anti zionism equates to anti semitism.
    You are a disgrace.


  3. You are obviously not very well educated, if you sat down and learnt about Israel, then you would realize that Israel was PROMISED by G-d to Avraham, there for it rightly belongs to the Jewish people, and you may ask as to why it may be so important for Jew’s to keep this country, a) It contains most of are history and b) When World war 2 took place i.e the Holocaust Jews had nowhere to go, this was given to the Jews as a homeland, the Jewish state! So G-d for bid if the holocaust took place now, Then you would have some where which would immediately let you in and protect you! There are 49 Muslim countries, There are over 20 Christian countries, and only 1 Jewish state which is the size of New Jersey, Allowing each religion to have a section of it, including Jerusalem! Jerusalem was where the temple was, in Israel, the house of G-d, So before you go parading round, letting go of a country that is your only security think, if there was another Holocaust, and you threw away the one place which is there for you, where are you going to go? What are you going to do? When all of your family, friends and neighbours are g-d for big in concentration camps, and you receive a letter saying that they’re after you, when millions have died that you hardly recognize anyone, as everyone you knew has been killed, what are you going to do? Are you going to want someone to run to? Somewhere where they will help you? A Place which literally means fighting with G-d showing that it stands with G-d till the end, does this not mean a thing to you? And Nope, I’m not American, I’m not Israeli, I’m English! Becareful what you wish for!


    1. Irrelavent. There is no such thing as god. It is a man made construct. Go and read The God Delusion.


      1. why do you want/try they/we think like you ?
        is it an obligfation to “believe” like you ?
        Are the believers under you ? less intelligent ?

        Staline was religious ? What about Hitler ? Crimes of communism ? Crimes of capitalism ?
        crimes of G.Bush son & father ? (maybe these ones claims themselfes that they fight for their chritstian believes, new crusade, fight against Islam & muslims…..)

        Person who beleive is not especially bellow an unbelliever, it is a big mistake (for you) to beliave this !
        But, as always, sub estimate others is the open door of what we see today ! (domination and mass murders in the name of democraty, freedom and what ever…..the reality is: all these crimes are done to protect the flow of resources that comes from Islamic lands and resources, usurpated by this so superior civilisation’ of the called lights of humanity: occidental civilisation is the shame of humanity as it produces crimes in state way.

        Please, respect who does not think like you, who believe in God, he is not unders you at all, maybe it is inverse !


        1. @Bruce:
          I’ m sorry but I had read your comment alone, and I have just seen that it was a reply to another comment aboce (by @Irrelevant, maybe jewish invador, justifying their ugly crimes for jewish religious reasons)

          So I thought your comment was the reject of these jews who are against izr-hell. SO i hope you will pardon my mistake.

          However, in its (‘original’) context, my comm is still avalaible, for reply you @Irelevant, who ever is ‘touched’ by my com.

          @Irrelevant: Palestine will be free and you/they will pay the price of Justrice, the Divine punishment you expect & need for all crimes you do, did, and will do against Muslim people, against Islam.

          I think you beguin to understand that stupor state of the muslim people is going to end, your end is coming, even if it is in 100years

          Justice will come and beak your invasion, your occupation, and your usurpation. This day no mercy for jewish criminals in occupied Palestine.

          Army of Mohamad is coming for you oh filthy people ! Islamic resistance is waking up, even if you have contaminated numerous of muslims, of justice seeker, etc


  4. Oh humanity !
    Oh internet commentators;
    all these photos make me feel I can still beleive in humanity and Justice, Divine Justice,

    As Tora, as Bible, Coran is the Book of God and these persons (jews against criminal racist ‘jewish’ apartheid in Occupied Palestine)

    can make us think that there are some hopes… but unfortunatly it is illusion, this micro minority of jews who tell the truth about fascict jewish apartheid in occupied Palestine,

    isn’ t sufficient to stop jewish crimes against God, against humanity, against islam and muslims. This is the facts.

    Add the comments of ‘real jews’, those who scream for extermination of all muslims (to get their lands, resources, rights….) and now scream to exterminate these authentique jews,

    is the clue that that what they called izr-hell, is, was and will stay as long as usa supports their crimes,
    a PUR jewish apartheid, made by jews, for tjews, to jews.

    This is the reality. In the name of judaism, Tora etc, they are acting like Third Reich with them !

    In the name of jewishery,
    they exterminate unders tons of bombs,
    innocent familys why ?

    Because they are muslims
    because they want their lands, totaly, and for that, they exterminate them slowly but surely (why slowly argues some collaborators of them ? Because in the name of occidental civilisation, the so called,
    in the name of human rights,

    They are comminting since 1947 the most shamful crimes against humanity, with the approuval of the ‘lights’ of humanity, usa (the destroyer of who is muslim and want to be free)

    You, jewish criminals, american masters & slaves of them (mlixed lol),

    you are the shame of humanity, history and for you no escape to Justice and punishment.

    They are coming for you oh people of mass assassination, people of invasions, of occupâtions, you who are pleased when you burn alive young boys,

    because they are muslims, because they are arabs,

    because you are criminals ! History won’ t ‘forget’ this dramatic criminal events of 20/21century,
    and as always, Justice will overcome criminals and injustices.

    in ch’ Allah !


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